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Music Technology - September 1991

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Where the printed word fails to deliver - how much can words tell you about sounds, and what can you do to bridge the gap between them? Tim Goodyer gets semantic.

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If there was ever to be an International Jean-Michel Jarre Day, it would be big news. So would a really good book on DAT. And the launch of some very serious equipment leads...

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We all make mistakes - Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose, for example, and Margaret Thatcher's Community Charge for another. I wonder if they got letters from Anna Katrami?

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If rhythm programming is one of your pursuits, you can't fail to have latched onto our On the Beat series and you'll be interested in the review of Oberheim's Drummer. Now you can win Gajits' Hit Kit software.

On The Beat Part 23

The drums, the drums, everywhere I go I hear drums. Nigel Lord presents another selection of rhythm killers for you to program into your drum machine or sequencer.

Oberheim Drummer

Interactive Drum Pattern Sequencer

If your drum patterns sound uninspired it could be because you lack the subtle touch of the human drummer. Simon Trask looks at an electronic aid to drum programming.

Waxing Lyrical

When you come across a hi-tech band who won't even use commercial synths for fear of being imitated, they must have something special to protect. Simon Trask pays a visit to Leeds to check out the mysterious Nightmares on Wax.

Jl Cooper Sync-Link

Macintosh MIDI Interface

The new line of cheap Apple Macs sees them Ending more music applications; now the search is on for a cost-effective MIDI interface. Vic Lennard checks out a strong contender.

IMS Report
Show Report

Every news bulletin tells us more about "the recession" - but how badly is it affecting the music biz? Ian Waugh reports from the front line at the International Music Show.

Hybrid Arts SMPTETrack Gold

Atari ST Software

Without UK distribution, Hybrid's Atari sequencers have almost been forgotten. But now they're back with a Gold update to shout about, as Vic Lennard finds out.

Breaking Cover


Ten years ago Incognito's first LP heralded a new British jazz funk movement; today their second celebrates a world-wide dance movement. Tim Goodyer asks Bluey Maunick if the song remains the same.

Forefront Technology Patch Commander

MIDI Message Monitor/Generator

This British "black box" has so many useful MIDI applications that many people will be buying two. Tim Goodyer asks "what the hell's a Patch Commander?".

Peavey 308S Monitors

Studio Monitors

Why choose between "flat" studio monitors and hi-fi speakers when you can have one pair for both jobs? Nigel Lord cranks up Peavey's 308s's.


Organ Synthesiser Module

Another contender for the recently-reinstated Hammond Drawbar crown comes in a single rack space. Gordon Reid organises his thoughts.

Question Time

MIDI Time Code and MIDI Clock - what's what and which should you use? Vic Lennard investigates alternative approaches to MIDI synchronisation code.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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