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Music Technology - December 1991

The Lost Chord

Ever since it became possible to record music, it's been possible to lose "valuable" recordings. Tim Goodyer raises the question of responsibility.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

There's a lot of bad noos around at the moment; rising unemployment, increased business bankruptcies, imminent NHS privatisation - happily, you'll only find good news in MT's Newsdesk.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

Just who was the robot star of Logan's Run? One reader thinks he's caught MT out; meanwhile Martin Howard thinks he's caught the whole human race out.

Friendchip K..AT

You could just have dived from computer keyboard to synth keyboard for the last time. Tim Goodyer looks at a useful Atari remote which takes sequencer control wherever you want it.

Dr Beat Vol 1

If you're looking for inspirational rhythms but don't want to lift them from somebody else's music, you should check out Dr Beat. Ian Waugh boots up and boogies down to some MIDI Files.

On The Beat Part 26

Returning to the subject of classifying rhythms sooner than expected, Nigel Lord investigates the relationship between the beats and the notes.

Poly Pressure
Retrospective (Gear)

It should have been the prince of polysynths, but it flopped. Peter Forrest looks back at the disappointment that accompanied the Polymoog and offers the '90s perspective.

Strange Changes

MT fans and stars of the underground rave scene, Bizarre Inc regularly party down with high technology. Simon Trask meets the men and discusses hardcore issues.


A collection of CDs which should be the sampler's delight are the stars of this month's Patchwork. If your music needs a boost from Ed Stratton, Coldcut or Pascal Gabriel, check out these disks.

Dr T'S KCS Omega

Atari ST Software

Combining four Dr T's programs, Omega brings together scorewriting, sequencing and powerful editing facilities on the Atari ST. Ian Waugh reckons it's Christmas.

Power In The Darkness

After five years in the wilderness, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark are back with a new LP and tour. Tim Goodyer talks to Andy McCluskey about the value of technology.

Roland S750 Sampler

Stereo Digital Sampler

If Roland's S770 super sampler presented too high a target for many of us, the S750 may be the news we've been waiting for. Simon Trask investigates the challenger to the Akai S1000 crown.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Back Issues

Life offers you few second chances - the opportunity to catch up on missed issues of MT is one not to be missed.

Anatek SMP16

SMPTE Sync/MIDI + Audio Patchbay/Mac Interface

Combining MIDI and audio patchbay functions and putting them under software control could be an important studio breakthrough. Ian Waugh looks at the SMP16 and studio sophistication.

Midi Mergers

Why they won't work and how they do

MIDI mergers - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Don Erskine looks at the uses and misuses of mergers and concludes that two into one will go.

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