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Music Technology - April 1992

Roll Reversal

We all like to daydream from time to time, so try this: envisage a world in which high technology had become the province of the drummer rather than the keyboard player. Tim Goodyer's imagination runs riot.

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I can't believe the news today / I can't close my eyes and make it go away - anguished U2 lyric from 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'.

Heavenly Music MIDI Song Files

Four software offerings from the authors of the popular Dr Beat Vol 1 make effective use of MIDI Song Files to bring music to your ST. Ian Waugh checks the imports.

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The MIDI guitar as the guitarist's salvation and an abridged history of Fairlight help make this month's readers' forum a lively and interesting alternative to bear baiting.

Sqyrrel And ST-Effi for the Atari ST

When you've paid out hard cash for the hardware, it's good to find out that the software comes free. Ian Waugh examines some PD software which supports Yamaha's FX500 and QY10.

On The Beat Part 29

Soaking your drum voices in reverb effects gives great sounds but it makes programming drum patterns much harder. Nigel Lord explains how to fit larger-than-life drums into a song.

Genetic Engineering


It began with an illicit remix of Suzanne Vega and it's already earned them their own album release. Simon Trask tracks down the elusive DNA musical partnership to ask who, how and why.

Akai MX1000 & PM76

MIDI Master Keyboard/Piano Sound Board

Take a well-facilitated MIDI master keyboard and add a piano module and you have the basis of Akai's MX1000 - a "dumb" controller with a voice. Simon Trask plays and listens.

Criminal Record? Part 2

The second part of MT's in-depth examination of the sample CD phenomenon. Simon Harris, Norman Cook, Coldcut, Ed Stratton and Pascal Gabriel confess all to Tim Goodyer.

The MMAN from NAMM
Show Report

The recession hits America but the show goes on - hot news of the latest hi-tech music and recording developments. Vic Lennard is the MMAN from NAMM.

JCD Feeling Partner

Atari ST Software

One emerging trend in software sequencing is that of endowing your computer with musical "intelligence". Ian Waugh contends that machines can have feelings too.

Breaking The Ice

Who'd have guessed that Akai Iceland were about to release a MIDI bass controller and major software updates for the DD1000? Mørv Smørdilørv proves that you never can predict innovation.

Korg Wavestation A/D

Digital Synth Module

The Wavestation A/D takes the digital and vector synthesis systems of its popular parent and adds analogue inputs. Simon Trask reports on the continued evolution of one of today's most flexible synths.

Marantz CDR1 CD Recorder

Compact Disc Recorder

Recording CDs at home reaches the "affordable" level - at under £4000, CD Recordable moves into the realm of the home studio. Tim Goodyer primes the laser.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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