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Music Technology - April 1993


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A Cynic Writes

Our Price Of Progress

LaserWave 16

PC Sound Card

Tired of that bleeping PC? Ian Waugh discovers a sound card that introduces FM synthesis to the world's most popular micro.

Roland AX-1

MIDI Keyboard Controller

'Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye' - as Val Doonican once said. Now you can with Roland's portable MIDI keyboard controller, designed for those with a severe case of guitar envy. Nicholas Rowland discusses the angle of the dangle

Creative Dilemma

Declaring Independence | K-Creative

Once part of Talkin Loud's capuccino-flavoured jazz/rap fraternity, K-Creative now find themselves out on their own. But, after meeting Simon Trask, they admit that things are still OK and getting ever more Creative

Sampling Confidential: Anything To Declare? Part 1

The first of our new series on the very live issue of sampling, taking all the technicalities into account. Dom Foulsham begins with an examination of the law as it currently effects all involved. An indispensable guide, if you're concerned about clearance and want to avoid that nasty little rubber glove

Midi By Example Part 8

Still trapped in the MIDI maze? Never fear - Vic Lennard has found another way Out

Peavey PC1600

MIDI Controller

16 channels of MIDI data at the push of a slider. Vic Lennard just loves being in control.

Stereo Speakers

Stereo MCs

The Stereo MC's' Connected was for many the album of 1992; their live shows are currently one of the highlights of 1993. Phil Ward makes his own stereo connection and discovers just what it takes to get the balance right.

E-Mu Vintage Keys

Sound Module

Take 20 classic keyboards into the shower? Now you can just trigger and go with E-mu's Vintage Keys sound module, provider of sampled keyboard sounds from the Minimoog to the Mellotron. But who would you have in goal?, asks Peter Forrest

C-Lab Notator Logic

Software for the Apple Macintosh

A logical development for Notator users? Maybe, but as Ian Waugh discovers, someone still has to cross the T's and dot the I's on this latest software sequencer from C-Lab.

Farfisa F1

It's Italian, it costs thousands, and it's not an Armani suit. Undaunted, Simon Trask tries it on for size, and discovers a new breed of keyboard incorporating new synth technology and a Farfisa beat.

20th Century Americans - John Cage

John Cage

John Cage eavesdropped on the strange noises coming from his own imagination. Geoff Smith and Nicola Walker Smith eavesdrop on the wise words emanating from the man himself, in one of the final interviews of his trailblazing life and the last in MT's exclusive series on modern American composers.

Zoom 9120

Sound Environment Processor

And still they come... more FX units than you can shake a MIDI lead at. Nicholas Rowland zooms in on the latest and tries to spot the difference.

Touching Bass Part 3

Bass playing & programming

Getting deep, deep down in Part 3 of Simon Trask's series on the bassline.

Soundcraft Spirit Folio

Mixing Desk

Q: Just what is a Minister Without Portfolio? A: A leading member of the Government who hasn't got Soundcraft's nifty new portable mixer, that's what. Nicholas Rowland raises questions in The House

Thomas Lang

Declaring Independence | Thomas Lang

They've been on CBS, they run their own company called Dry Communications, and they've learned a thing or two: they are a band called Thomas Lang. Phil Ward meets the Scousers with a Dry sense of humour.

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Music Review

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Music Review

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