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Why Polyphony?

We are hosting and archiving the legendary Polyphony magazine here by kind permission of Scott Lee at PAiA.

We had an opportunity to fill out the collection of issues and create a more complete archive of Polyphony than already exists, so we decided to add it to mu:zines (as we might do for other related publications over time, where it makes sense to do so.)

We will be adding Polyphony into the regular publishing rotation as normal. While that's going on, we're collecting, scanning, and making available PDF downloads of the issues, including many issues that have not been made available elsewhere. Think of it as mu:zines "DVD Extra" bonus content!

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Polyphony - Polyphony Publishing Company


Magazine Info

About Polyphony

Originally started as a newsletter for PAiA customers, Polyphony ("many voices") was initially a part time endeavor, largely derived from material and feedback sent in by users.

By the end of 1976, Polyphony Publishing Company was formed by PAiA founder John Simonton and Founding Editor Marvin Jones to handle the publishing of the magazine, and production ramped up to a bi-monthly schedule, increased it's publishing size and incorporated advertising. Polyphony continued to be published until the mid 80s, by which time US music technology publishing legend Craig Anderton was in the editor's chair.

Polyphony then had a name change to Electronic Musician, and continues to this day.


Electronic Musician


Marvin Jones,
Craig Anderton


John Simonton,
Marvin Jones


Paia Electronics Inc,
Polyphony Publishing Company


45 issues

First issue:

June 1975

Last issue:

April 1985



Polyphony Publishing Company

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