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Recording Musician - July 1992


This article has no OCR bodytext.Crosstalk

Normally our letters page, but this month it's given over entirely to useful hints and tips.

This article has no OCR bodytext.News & Products

What's new and what's news in the recording world.

Cassette Multitrackers - Buyer's Guide

Every Current Model Reviewed

All you need to know about choosing a cassette multitrack, plus concise reviews of every current model on the market.

JBL 4208 Near Field Monitors

One of a new range of stylish and cost-effective near-field monitors.

Reverb by Numbers

How digital reverberation devices work and how to use them.

Modern Art

ART Multiverb LTX

When it comes to sheer quantity, quality and value for money, this multi-effects unit takes some beating.

Gain Brain

Drawmer DL251 Spectral Compressor

This sophisticated compressor has a choice of hard- or soft-knee compression and has a built-in spectral enhancer.

At Home in the Studio

An exclusive look inside Genesis' private studio retreat deep in the heart of Surrey.

Soundtracs Solo MIDI Mixing Console

Not so much a budget console as a professional mixing desk at a surprisingly low price.

Sessionmaster Guitar Preamp

Instant rock guitar without all the hassle of amps and microphones.

Steal The Feel - Part 1

A straightforward guide to producing Dance Mixes using budget equipment.

Beat the System

Anyone can build these useful drum pad triggers for around £10 for the whole set.

Special FX

Your chance to send in patches for your favourite effects units.

Vital Vocals

A few simple rules to help you get professional-sounding vocal tracks every time.

Demo Doctor

Our regular readers' demo page is packed with invaluable tips on how to record the perfect demo.

The Class System

How Recording Musician can benefit teachers involved in the technology of music and sound recording.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win Your Dream Studio!

Enter our simple, three-part competition and you could be the lucky winner of a complete studio package worth over £7,500.

Music In Our Schools

A peripatetic instrumental music teacher gives his personal insight into some of the problems encountered when integrating technology into traditional music teaching.

Production Lines

Guest producer Nicky Graham looks into the future of recorded music.

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