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Recording Musician - September 1992


This article has no OCR bodytext.Crosstalk

Your letters, queries and criticisms answered.

This article has no OCR bodytext.News & Products

Including new product details hot from the British Music Fair.

Retro Rocker

Shure 55SH Series II Classic Dynamic Mic

It might look like a prop from Good Morning Vietnam, but underneath the 55SH is a serious vocal mic.

Two's Company

TG100 and Boss DS330 Dr Synth

General MIDI sound modules from Boss and Yamaha, combining ease of use and low cost with impressive sounds.

The Sound That Steve Built

Marillion's guitarist talks to John Harris about the band's home studio and about getting great guitar sounds on tape...

Multitrack Recorders

The underlying concepts of multitrack recording are explained from the bottom up.

Pick 'n' Mix Part 3

Recipes For A Tasty Dance Track

Our dance music series continues with a selection of drum patterns, chords, and basslines for you to try out.

Exciting Reading

Aphex Type C, BBE Sonic Maximizer, SPL Vitalizer

Three psychoacoustic enhancers, all designed to make your music sound bigger, clearer and more impressive.

Blue Notes

AKG Blue Line Microphones

A modular range of microphones covering almost every audio eventuality from broadcast to recording and AV.

Revox C278

8-Track Tape Recorder

Since its dramatic drop in price, the C278 is an attractive proposition to the private user who puts quality before frills.

Alesis ADAT

8-Track Digital Recorder

It's finally here, it's available and it works!

The Gentle Art Of EQ

This month's Masterclass looks at the way equalisation can be used to creatively enhance your music.

Studio Security

Protecting Your Home Studio

A little inside information, courtesy of the local police, could help prevent you losing your treasured equipment to thieves.

Soft Centres

ATC SCM10 Compact Studio Monitors

ATC's smallest speakers to date set new standards in near-field monitoring excellence.

Automatic Pilot

CM MX816 Console Automation

A cost-effective VCA mix automation system that can be used with any console.

MIDI - The Absolute Basics Part 1

MIDI is often perceived as being incredibly complicated, but learning to use it can be quite painless.

Small Object Of Desire

Mackie Designs 1202 Mixer

This compact, inexpensive mixer boasts an impressive audio specification and offers a host of applications.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win Your Dream Studio!

The final part of our easy-to-enter competition that could make you the proud owner of a complete 8-track studio package worth over £7,500.

Music In Our Schools

Choosing The Technology

Stephanie Sobey-Jones tackles the tricky subject of selecting appropriate hardware when setting up a school music lab.

Production Lines - Muff Winwood

Guest producer Muff Winwood holds what are sure to be controversial opinions on artistes' responsibilities and expectations.

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