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Recording Musician - November 1992


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Your opinions, comments and queries.

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What's new and what's news.

U2: The Unforgettable Tour


Behind the scenes on the tour of one of the world's most popular live bands

Latin Lessons Part 5

Steamy Rhythms to Warm Up Your Sequencer

The fifth part in our series on programming covers Latin dance rhythms and musical sequences.

Soft Options

Steinberg Cubase Lite and C-Lab Notator Alpha Sequencers

Cubase Light and Notator Alpha are both streamlined versions of their more costly counterparts, designed to make MIDI sequencing on the Atari ST more approachable.

Virtual Reality

RSP Intelliverb VIrtual Room Processor

By putting quality before quantity, Rocktron have come up with a professional-quality digital reverb at a mid-market price.

Licensed To Thrill

Roland GR1 Guitar Synthesizer

What the world needs is a guitar synth that sounds good and behaves predictably. Does Roland's latest model pass the test?

Modern Classic

Audio Technica AT4033 Capacitor Microphone

At around £500, this mic may not seem exactly cheap, but its performance rivals that of microphones costing twice as much.

Spirit of Rock & Roll

Soundcraft Spirit Auto Mixing Console

Soundcraft's Spirit Auto heralds the age of affordable, automated multitrack consoles for home and private studio use.

Recording Electric Guitar

Getting a professional electric guitar sound onto tape is not difficult — if you follow a few simple rules.

Classical Sound Engineering Part 2

Careers In The Music Industry

Classical sound engineers talk about their hopes and aspirations at the world's best-known studio, Abbey Road.

Recording Musician

Garage Studio

RM reader Martin Smith talks about the trials and tribulations of building a serious home studio in his garage.

Bits 'n' Pieces Part 1

An Introduction to Digital Audio

Digital audio explained from the ground up — bit by bit!

Microphone Basics

Why are microphones so different, why do some cost the earth — and which one should you use for which job? All is revealed.

Music In Our Schools

Studio Necessities

Leads, connectors, tapes and floppy disks might seem pretty mundane, but even the most modest studio is stuck without them.

Live Sound Part 1

Introduction To PA

This comprehensive series starts by looking at the basic components of a mobile PA system.

Bass: The Final Frontier

Richard Allan RA8 Monitors and RA12 Sub-Bass Units

By combining two of their compact RA8 monitors with a pair of sub-bass units, RA have come up with an earth-shaking system at a realistic price.

This article has no OCR bodytext.RM Competition

Just a few minutes answering our excruciatingly simple questions and you could win the superb Alesis D4 drum sound module.

Production Lines

Rod Halling & John Etchells

Rod Halling and John Etchells discuss the producer's role in promoting new acts.

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