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Recording Musician - December 1992


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Your opinions aired and problems solved.

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This month's selection of new products and events.

Reggae Roots Part 6

Groovin' on the Front Line

A practical guide to programming reggae tracks with a few examples for you to try out.

Sonic Zoom

Zoom 9120 Advanced Sound Environment Processor

From the company that brought you effects units you could wear, comes a very serious reverb processor — that you can't wear!

Bits 'n' Pieces Part 2

Digital Audio

How tapeless recording works and what advantages it has over conventional recording systems.

Mixed Doubles

Mackie 1604, DOD 1642 Mixers

Mackie's 1604 mixer head to head with DOD's compact 1642. The result may surprise you.

Recording Musician

Paul Ward

Paul is a key figure in the Surreal to Real independent record company and has achieved success with his instrumental compositions. RM visits his home studio.

20/20 Vision

Peavey SDR 20/20 Digital Multi Effects Unit

A refreshingly logical and capable multi-effects unit that successfully combines flexibility with fidelity.

Stereo Mic Techniques

All you ever wanted to know about stereo mic techniques, explained in plain English.

3G HP200 Power Amplifier

A compact, well-specified amplifier suitable for studio monitoring and small PA applications.

Steal Of The Century

Akai S01 16-bit Sampler

At last, a sampler that's affordable, expandable and approachable.

AKG K500 Reference Headphones

They're light, robust, comfortable and they sound very good indeed — but they're not cheap!

Soft Machine

Build Your Own Guitar Soft Distortion Unit

It's easy, and you can build it yourself for under 20 quid!

Live Sound Part 2


If loudspeakers and crossovers remain a mystery to you, read on and find enlightenment.

Music In Our Schools

Multitrack Recording In The Classroom

Our educational consultant describes a basic, 4-track recording session from initial recording to final mixing.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Competition

The new Zoom 9001 multi-effects unit is up for grabs this month — in exchange for a few answers from you...

DMC Ground Control

Programmable MIDI Foot Controller

Production Lines - Stephen Tayler

Stephen Tayler raises some interesting points about studio equipment design and the ergonomics of the studio workplace.

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