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Recording Musician - February 1993


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Tell us your problems, express your fears, give an opinion — we're all ears.

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All that's new and interesting — plus the winner of that competition!

Four-Headed Monster

Sony DTC77ES Four-Head DAT Recorder

Four heads can be better than one — and they needn't tax your overdraft, as Derek Johnson discovers with Sony's latest DAT recorder.

No Pain, Loads of Gain

Tech 21 SansAmp Rackmount Tube Amp Emulator

Tech 21 have taken their popular SansAmp foot pedal guitar preamp and repackaged it in studio, rack-mount format. Paul White takes a look at what else it has to offer.

Making Music For The New Age Part 1

A cosmic David Etheridge gets to the spirit of New Age music in the first instalment of a two-part series.

Band Aid

Band-In-A-Box Auto-Accompaniment Software

You've never had it so easy — Band-in-a-Box adds intelligence to auto-accompaniment, as Mike Simmons finds out in his look at the latest version of this popular software package.

Production Masterclass with Stephen Tayler

Recording Chris de Burgh | Steven Tayler

Stephen Tayler tells Richard Buskin all about recording and mixing Chris de Burgh's recent single, 'By My Side'.

Mixing For Stereo

A panoramic Paul White explains where sounds should be placed in the stereo image during your final mix.

Scout's Honour

Dawn Scout Nearfield Studio Monitors

Honesty and integrity are what it's all about with these latest nearfield monitors from Dawn Audio. Paul White gives them a listen.

Carry On Mixing

Soundcraft Spirit Folio

A quality name, a quality product, an affordable price tag — Soundcraft's new portable mixer seems to have it all. Derek Johnson wants to carry one home.

Mastering For Duplication

Mike Skeet reveals everything you need to know to get your final master tape ready for mass duplication.

Quiet Riot

Rocktron HUSH Intelligent Sound Processor

Paul White opts for the quiet life with this effective cure for hiss — and there's even an enhancer and compressor thrown in for good measure.

Multitrack Mixers Part 1

Sound Workshop

Paul White takes you on a guided tour of the features and facilities of a typical multitrack mixer.

Compressors Part 1

Sound Workshop

What's a compressor? Why do you need one? How do you use it? Paul White reveals all.

Music In Education

A Step-By-Step Sequencing Project

Stephanie Sobey-Jones takes you through a step-by-step sequencing project and explains some sequencer jargon along the way.

Live Sound Part 4

Getting The Best From Your Loudspeakers

In part four of our series on small PA systems, we look at the importance of loudspeaker positioning on stage.

Sound Bites

More tricks, more techniques and more general sound advice.

9001: A Space Odyssey

Zoom 9001 Multi-Effects Processor

Big effects, small package — Mike Simmons thinks it must be a Zoom.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Competition

Dawn Scout nearfield monitors — read the review, then try to win the speakers in our amazingly simple to enter competition.

Production Lines

This month, guest producer Gary Langan speaks of his recording history and the loneliness of the long-distance producer...

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