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Recording Musician - March 1993


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Your letters, suggestions and questions.

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What's new and what's news in the world of audio.

Pedal To The Metal

Zoom Driver 5000 Distortion Pedal

It may look like a hi-tech fuzz box but it's actually a sophisticated guitar preamp with speaker simulator.

Double Feature

Fostex MC102 Keyboard Mixer/Cassette Recorder

What a good idea — a stereo mastering cassette machine and a mixer in a compact rack package!

Effective Reverb Part 1


Paul White discusses how to use reverb in the context of a mix, this month focussing on lead and backing vocals.

Honey, I Shrunk The Monitors

Revox Mk1 NF Near Field Monitors

These tiny speakers are ideal for the task of home studio, near-field monitoring.

Mitchell Froom and Suzanne Vega

Recording 99.9F° | Mitchell Froom, Suzanne Vega

A new slant on production for Suzanne's latest album, 99.9F°.

Multitrack Mixers Part 2

The Input Channel

A guided tour through a typical in-line channel strip.

Tascam DA88

8-Track Digital Tape Recorder

Tascam's digital 8-track recorder is designed to meet the needs of professionals, yet is costed to appeal to the home studio market.

Mix & Match

Award MB10 Matchbox DI/EQ/Speaker Simulator

This extremely versatile problem solver can function as a low-noise DI box, guitar preamp and speaker simulator.

Using Compressors Part 2

Paul White discusses the more advanced aspects of compression, and includes a table of useful settings.

Live Sound Part 5

How To Survive Live

This month, we address the practicalities of working in a less than ideal live venue.

Making New Age Music Part 2

In part two of this short series, David Etheridge looks at the role of effects and unusual chords in New Age music.

Six Appeal

Vestax MR66 6-Track Recorder and RMC88 Studio Mixer

Put these two together and you have a flexible recording and mixing system.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Competition

Your chance to win a Soundcraft Spirit Folio mixer by answering more of our embarrassingly easy questions.

Music in Education

A Software Sequencing Tutorial

Continuing from last month's step-by-step guide to sequencer recording, we look at the more advanced features and facilities of a typical sequencing system.

MIDI Busker

Acoustic Guitar MIDI Patterns

Production Lines - Andy Longhurst

Andy Longhurst broaches the issue of equipment compatibility.

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