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Recording Musician - May 1993


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We're really getting cross this month, I can tell you. Sorry — have I got the wrong end of the stick again?

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"What do you want?" "Information." "Well you're not going to get it... unless you read RM's indispensable News pages."

Phonic PMC 240A Mixing Desk

This charming new mixer has a detachable bowl and three speed settings... what do you mean it's not that kind of mixer?

Multitrack Mixers Part 4

Insert Points & Aux Sends

Last minute bargains: Guided tour around typical multitrack desk, stopping at all notable features. Bed, breakfast and evening meal not provided.

Four Wheel Drive

LA Audio 4X4 Compressor

If your vocalist is up and down like a fiddler's elbow, this classy compressor might be just what the engineer ordered...

A Brief History Of Live

Two of the industry's brightest names cast their minds back and reminisce to RM about the birth of the PA system.

Groove Is In The Heart

Groove Tubes MD1 & MD2 Tube Microphones

They're Groovy, they're Tubey, they're born in the USA and they glow in the dark. Bring a little warmth into your life.

Lexicon Of Love

Lexicon Alex Digital Effects

How much did you say that new Lexicon will set me back? Unprecedented low price for a most excellent name!

Earth Loops Are Easy

Yes, we know they're easy to get, but it's also a piece of cake to get rid of 'em — if you know how, that is...

Recording Bass Guitar

What's to know? You just wipe the rust off the strings, plug it into the desk and bob's your uncle. Don't you? Er... not quite.

Sting & Hugh Padgham

Recording 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You' | Hugh Padgham, Sting

Throw a bunch of talented musicians and a world-class producer into a 16th century mansion, add some juicy gear, shake 'em about and what do you get? Ten Summoner's Tales, if you're lucky.

World Betas?

Shure Beta Green

Rumour has it that the BG prefix on this complete new range from Shure stands for Bloody Good. Our reviewer thinks so.


If you're swamped in hiss, then you may need this — the full SP on gates and their uses. But listen carefully: I may be asking questions.

Make Your Own Monitors

Wilmslow Audio SPL1 Near-Field Monitor Kit

DIY-type nightmare, mates. Will it fall apart the first time you put a vase full of daffs on it? No way — this item is positively kit-tabulous!

Music In Education

More About MIDI

Our education correspondent gives a simple yet comprehensive guide to how MIDI can help in any studio.

Special FX

Award Quad-FX Effects Loop Expander

Never again need you bemoan the paucity of FX sends on your 1976 StudioCraftMaster desk — 200 quid on this and you'll have 'em coming out of yer ears.

Floored Genius?

Digitech RP1 Guitar Multi-Effects

Our man from the valleys discovers how RP1 owners do it on the floor...

Tapes, Terms & Formats

A Basic Guide to Audio Recording

Not only do 3M produce a useful booklet explaining tape and recording so that the veriest dolt could twig it, they give it away free! Then they wonder if we'd like to serialise it... where's the catch?

This article has no OCR bodytext.Competition

Is there a tiny space in your studio just waiting to be filled by a Yamaha FX550?

Production Lines - Chris Porter

Some words of undeniable wisdom from producer Chris Porter play you gently out of the mag this month.

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