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Sound On Sound - February 1987


The Shape of Things To Come

Another digital reverb from Alesis, a waveform digitizing pad for the Roland S50 sampler, Passport's multitrack software for the Atari ST, exclusive news of the world's first ever 8-track recorder to use standard cassettes, and more...

ART DR1 digital reverb

Mark Jenkins auditions the latest 16-bit stereo digital reverb with Performance MIDI.

A Nice Pair

Beyer microphones

Want to know how the electret principle functions? Or the difference between pressure and pressure-gradient microphones? Then read the review, as recording engineer Gareth Stuart field tests the most recent additions to the famous Beyer range.

Sound Advice

More readers' queries are answered by the expert teaching staff of London's Gateway School Of Recording & Music Technology.

MIDI Matters Part 1

Song Position Pointers

Sound On Sound's MIDI Doctor Jay Chapman, returns with a new series that concentrates on specific aspects of MIDI and explores their relevance and use in a musical set-up. This month: the Song Position Pointer.

Stepp DG1 Digital Guitar

Few instruments have caused as great a stir in the marketplace as the futuristic-looking DG1. Stepp describe it as "a radically new instrument that plays like a guitar, and which can produce some of the most phenomenal sounds you're ever likely to hear." Ian Gilby visited Stepp to find out for himself and talk with its creator, Stephen Randall.

Fuss In Boots?

Cheetah MK5 MIDI keyboard

A master MIDI keyboard for under £100 may sound like a joke to you, especially when it is sold by Boots, but Jay Chapman quickly stopped laughing when he plugged it in. Find out why...

Soundworks S900 Visual Editor

Software for the Atari ST

After his recent jaunt on BBC TV's 'Micro Live' show, Atari ST owner Tony Hastings tries out Steinberg Research's new editing software for the Akai S900 sampler.

Jazz From Hell

Frank Zappa

Back with a new album 'Jazz From Hell' composed and executed almost entirely on Synclavier, this 60s cult hero explains to Paul Gilby why he has turned his back on lyrics and the reasons for his four-year love affair with the sexy black keyboard with the round Winchester disks!

Soundtracs PC MIDI mixer

More and more mixer manufacturers are waking up to the benefits MIDI can offer in a mixdown situation by incorporating MIDI-controlled muting on their products. Engineer/musician David Mellor checks out what the PC can do.

How It Works - Tape Machines Part 1

You can always get more out of your equipment if you know more about it. David Mellor begins a new series that explores the innermost workings of various studio devices. This month: the Tape Recorder.

Electronic Music Studio

Goldsmiths' College, University of London

Goldsmiths' College in London was the first higher education institute to set up its own electronic music studio and offer a course. That was back in the late 1960s. Today, it has an even wider range of specialist courses and a much better equipped complex of studios to offer prospective students the training facilities necessary for a longterm career.

Postcard from Windermere
Show Report

Music technology consultant Martin Russ reports on the recent Conference On Reproduced Sound held by the Institute of Acoustics.

State of the art

'Brotherhood' by New Order | New Order

Sound On Sound's record review with a difference! Mark Prendergast begins the first of a regular feature that talks about and to the people responsible for one of the more interesting vinyl releases around. This month: 'Brotherhood' by New Order.

Music on-line Part 2

Part 2. Richard Elen concludes his guide to computers and communications for musicians with details of how to join and log on to two musicians' networks: PAN and Esi Street. There's also an extensive glossary of terms to help newcomers to this exciting field understand what it is all about.

Tower of Power

Ramsa 9000 Seres Power Amps

Len Davies of Apex Studio, Cardiff assesses the performance of two of Ramsa's powerful new 9000 Series amps.

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