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Sound On Sound - May 1987


The Shape of Things to Come

Our regular monthly exploration of upcoming new products.

The First Commission Part 1

Part 1. Regular contributor Tony Hastings recounts a personal tale of how a lucky break resulted in his first commission in the lucrative world of advertising jingles and soundtracks.

Sound Advice

More hints and tips revealed as the expert teaching staff of London's Gateway School of Recording & Music Technology answer your queries.


Disk Recorder / Sequencer

Mark Jenkins gets to grips with this unassuming dual channel MIDI sequencer from the States and unearths some interesting facts...

Nomad SMC 1.0 SMPTE/MIDI controller

Nomad's first product is a low cost SMPTE reader/generator that allows MIDI drum machines, synths and sequencers to sync to tape easily. David Mellor puts it to the test.

Yamaha TX81Z FM Expander

This latest four operator FM tone generator takes over where the stop-gap FB01 left off. It may be fully programmable and share some of the new facilities of the DX7 MkII, but is it a winner? Mark Badger finds out.

The Professionals: MCPS

The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society

The second of an occasional series in which David Mellor takes a look at the organisations that help musicians and composers earn an honest crust in this hard world. This month: the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society.


Looking for a quick and easy way of getting good quality guitar sounds down on tape? Well, you can stop searching because Ian Gilby has the solution...

TOA 310D

The Triple Delay

Engineer Gareth Stuart passes judgement on this high quality digital delay line with a difference. But what difference? You'll have to read our review to find out...

Roland D-50 Part 1

Is the future Linear?

Does Roland's new LA synthesizer mean the end of FM is in sight? Martin Russ falls in love with the world's first ever Linear Arithmetic synthesizer whilst trying to find out...

Steinberg SMP-24

SMPTE/MIDI Processor

From soft to hard - Steinberg's latest package is a hardware combination of MIDI patchbay, merger, synchroniser and SMPTE reader rolled into one. It operates as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with an Atari ST micro. But is it all that it's cracked up to be? Mark Badger investigates.

Inside Views: Fairlight

Kim Ryrie

Continuing our series that looks at hi-tech companies and design personnel working in the field of music and recording technology, Paul Gilby talks sampling with Kim Ryrie, President of Fairlight Instruments of Australia.

RSF 140 Sampling Drum Machine

Mark Jenkins reckons he knows his onions when it comes to hi-tech gear, so we asked him to concoct a tasty little number with this new French sampling drum machine - a cross between an RX11 and SP-12.

Joreth System 7 & CZ Editor

Software for Commodore 64

Ian Waugh takes a look at this combined MIDI sequencer/librarian package, and voice editors for the CZ and DX synth ranges.

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Enter this competition and you could soon be the proud owner of Yamaha's very latest drum machine (worth £329)!

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