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Sound On Sound - June 1987


The Shape Of Things To Come

Our regular monthly exploration of upcoming new products in the field of hi-tech music and recording technology.

Korg DRV-2000 Reverb

Phil South discovers that room simulation is not incurable these days, thanks in part to this latest combined digital reverb and multi-effects processor from Korg.

MIDI Matters Part 4

Sample Editing Via Midi

Why is it there are so many computer-based sample editing packages being released? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they make working with a sampler considerably easier. Jay Chapman ponders their worth.

FM Theory & Applications

By Musicians for Musicians

The long-awaited book from John Chowning and Dave Bristow comes under close scrutiny; Martin Russ dons his white wig...

Studiomaster Series II Mixer

Studiomaster were one of the first established mixer manufacturers to incorporate MIDI facilities in one of their desks and to mate it to a personal computer. Mark Badger assesses whether the marriage is successful.

L.A. Synthesis: What Is It? Part 2

Ikutaro Kakehashi

Continuing on from last month's review of the Roland D-50 Linear Arithmetic synthesizer, Martin Russ takes a detailed look at the technical aspects of the D-50, liberally sprinkled with excerpts from a rare interview with Mr Ikutaro Kakehashi, President of the Roland Corporation.

Setting The Record Straight

Steve Levine

Why has this top record producer - the man behind Culture Club's phenomenal success on vinyl - given up using the Fairlight in favour of a Steinberg Pro-24 system? Why is he so upset about the myths that surround digital recording? Ralph Denyer went along to Levine's new studio to find out...

Iconix MIDI Sequencer

Software for the Atari ST

This is the first British pro music software to be released for the Atari ST range of computers, and the first to really make full use of the Atari's GEM graphics operating system, according to the manufacturer. Martin Russ checks out their claims.

The First Commission Part 2

Tony Hastings provides plenty of inside information as he concludes his tale of how a lucky break resulted in his first commission in the lucrative world of advertising jingles and soundtracks.

The Modular Approach

Expander modules may be the modular synths of our age, but are they as good? Steve Howell explores the Akai VX90 and provides some guidance on how it can be used with Akai's range of sampling machines.

Casio FZ-1 Sampling Keyboard

Leading The Field?

Casio caused a furore at February's Frankfurt Music Fair when they unveiled the world's first 'affordable' 16-bit sampling keyboard with onboard graphic editing display - the FZ-1. Mark Jenkins visits the Casio factory to bring you a comprehensive preview of this remarkable instrument.

How It Works - Noise Reduction Part 4

David Mellor continues our 'How It Works' series with an investigation of the many ways available to help silence your recordings!

Kawai R100 Drum Machine

Kawai are quickly making a name for themselves in the hi-tech field thanks to good value products like the R100. Ian Waugh files his report.

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