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Sound On Sound - November 1987


Volume 3 Starts Here!

The Shape of Things to Come

The only product round-up that shows you 'in living colour' what's new in the field of music and recording technology.

Interior Designs

Yamaha REV5 Reverb

Is there room at the top for yet another digital reverb unit? Mark Badger thinks so — provided it's 16-bit, has a 20kHz effect bandwidth, analogue and digital parametric EQ, can stack two reverb effects and goes by the name of REV5!

Roland TR626

Rhythm Composer

The TR505 was a runaway success at the budget end of the market, but it lacked one important ingredient - separate voice outputs. The TR626 rectifies the matter whilst offering even more features - 30 PCM drum/percussion sounds, 8-note polyphony, sync-to-tape, and MIDI control of nearly all its parameters. Mark Badger investigates.

Sound Advice

The start of a regular monthly column devoted to readers' hints and tips about their instruments, equipment, software, recording and playing techniques.

Sequencer Plus

Want to make real music on your Amstrad PC? Ian Gilby takes you through one of the best designed, professional MIDI recording packages there is. Voyetra Technologies' Sequencer Plus runs on any IBM PC compatible computer and offers 64 tracks, sync-to-tape, a programmable tempo track, extensive note and MIDI editing facilities, and... you'll have to read the review to find out more.

Poor Person's SMPTE

J.L. Cooper PPS-1

Looking for an alternative means of syncing MIDI instruments to tape? David Mellor tries out a low-cost solution from J.L. Cooper Electronics - the PPS-1.

The Sound On Sound Guide To Samplers

Everything you ever wanted to know about samplers... 48 models compared! Paul Gilby surveys the current sampler market, exposes the 'spec wars', dispels the 16-bit myth and explains in simple terms how sampling really works, before telling you what to look out for when buying secondhand.

Sequential Prophet 3000

Two years ago Sequential launched the Prophet 2000 sampling keyboard, which set the standard for all the 12-bit machines on the market. Will the Prophet 3000 stereo rack sampler do the same for the 16-bit field? Paul Wiffen thinks so. Read why...

Separate Outputs

The Pros And Cons

Seasoned programmer Paul Wiffen reveals the truth about separate voice outputs on samplers. Are they really desirable or are they just a nuisance? And what happens to the polyphony when you use them? We tell you what no others dared!!

C-Lab Creator

Martin Russ loops the hours away with Version 1.2 of this new MIDI sequencing package for the Atari ST computer from Germany's C-Lab.

PAN: The Performing Artists Network

Mark Badger sets his baud rate for the heart of the sun and goes 'on-line' to America to interview Perry Leopold, founder of PAN - a unique communications network for hi-tech musicians.

A Recipe For Success

How can you set up a home studio, write, produce and perform hit singles, and have a good time doing it? David Mellor asks Galaxy's Phil Fearon that very question and more...

Practically MIDI Part 3

While most of us spend our time trying to get our MIDI equipment to work together properly, Martin Russ reveals how to creatively mis-use MIDI and produce some interesting musical results.

African Music Part 2

Sound On Sound reader Kofi Busia continues his tale of how he came to grips with MIDI, discovered the joys of music software and produced his own LP of African music.

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