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Sound On Sound - July 1988


The Shape of Things to Come

A chance to check out some of the forthcoming new products that might force you to dig deeper into your pockets later this year.

Prosonus CD Sound Library

Searching for new samples? Craig Anderton lends an ear to three discs from this new American CD sound library.

Sound Recording Practice

Generally regarded as 'The Bible' of the recording world, David Mellor reviews this handbook of recording techniques and equipment produced by the Association of Professional Recording Studios.

Digitech MIDI Pedal

Capable of storing 1,984 program change commands, Digitech's recently released MIDI Pedal looks like it could be a useful accessory. Tony Wride investigates...

The Professionals: APRS

In the third of an occasional series on the professional bodies who look after the interests of musicians and engineers, David Mellor talks to the APRS, the body which represents many of this country's leading recording studios.

Wired For Sound

Lynex 16-bit Stereo Sampler

The division between sampler and digital recorder has grown even narrower with the release of the Lynex, a sophisticated manipulator of high quality, 16-bit stereo sounds that piggybacks onto any Atari ST computer. Ian Gilby takes the mouse by the horns...

Animal House Studios

You may not find a 24-track recorder in this London studio, but you will find two synchronised Fostex E16s and a veritable Aladdin's cave of hi-tech paraphernalia being put to some very interesting uses. Read on and discover how...

Korg SQD8 sequencer

If your sequencing efforts are constantly blighted by cassette data storage problems and you long for the convenience of disk storage, then Korg's latest budget sequencer cum MIDI data recorder might be for you. Tony Wride investigates.

Sony Portable DAT Recorder

DAT is beginning to take a firm hold in the studio market despite all the controversy. Ed Jones reflects on Digital Audio Tape and roadtests Sony's new TCD-D10 portable recorder.

TAC Scorpion

Mixing Desk

Not quite a desk in a million - studio owner Gareth Stuart gets to grips with one of TAC's 73 possible variations in their Scorpion mixer range, the 16-8-2+16.

Roland MT32 Update & Editors

If you own an MT32 then you really should be using a computer-based voice editing program to make the most of its facilities. Martin Russ compares three possible contenders for your money from Tigress Designs, Dr T and Steinberg.

Steinberg Software Page

The third instalment of our column devoted entirely to Steinberg software. Written and compiled exclusively for SOS by Steinberg's experts, it deals this month with MIDI clocks and how to keep time!

Dr.T's Software Page

In response to reader demand, this month we introduce a regular page of hints and tips for Dr.T's music programs, written and compiled exclusively for SOS by Dr.T themselves.

Hi-tech at Salford

Interested in hi-tech higher education? Chris Kempster reports on the MIDI studios and recording courses available to students at Salford College Of Technology.

Yamaha TX16W Sampler

All good things come to those who wait... David Mellor samples Yamaha's version of the 'ultimate instrument', the MIDI sampler. Does it improve on all that have gone before or have Yamaha taken technology beyond the point of usability?

Practically FM Part 3

Part 3 of our series for FM synth owners, in which Martin Russ attempts to give away even more secrets of FM programming. Operators at the ready!

John McLaughlin

Over the last three decades John McLaughlin has done more than anybody else in popular jazz and rock music to explore the potential of the guitar, both acoustic and electric. Here he talks to Mark Prendergast about his eclectic career, pioneering use of guitar synthesizers, and the Synclavier.

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