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Sound On Sound - January 1989

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More news, views and juicy hot gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

Three jampacked pages of new product information.

Big Band & Studio 24

Martin Russ orchestrates his way through two fascinating ST programs from French software house, Digigram.

How To Create More Expressive Drum Machine Parts

Craig Anderton explains how you can add some 'humanity' to your drum machine patterns.

Using Your Sequencer As A MIDI System Analyser

Craig Anderton reveals how you can use your sequencer as a MIDI system analyser.

Brian Eno: Thoughts, Words, Music and Art Part 1

Brian Eno

Mark Prendergast begins a two part in-depth appraisal of the thoughts, words, music and art of one of the most influential artists of the last decade: Brian Eno.

ST Replay 4 Sampler

Martin Russ has fun turning his Atari computer into a multi-function sampler, drum machine and digital effects unit with the aid of Microdeal's low-cost Replay 4.

Amiga Music!

The Commodore Amiga range of computers have been conspicuous by their absence from this magazine's pages - but not any more! The Amiga has always been a great graphics machine, but it is equally talented when it comes to making music. In fact, its onboard sound chip is one of the best around. Phil South delivers a quick guide to making music on the Amiga.

Fostex R8 - The 8-Track Take-Away

In these space-conscious times, Fostex have developed a diminutive new 8-track tape recorder you can store out of sight and control fully from its detachable front panel remote control/autolocator. David Mellor takes it for a spin...

AudioFrame Grows Up

Although expensive, digital audio workstations are a pointer to the kind of features we can expect to see on the next generation of 'affordable' hi-tech instruments. Craig Anderton takes a look at one of the very latest workstations to appear, the AudioFrame.

ART Multiverb

In this age of the preset, you need all the help available to stamp your personality on the sounds you produce. Paul Ireson finds a new ally in the fight for individuality - ART's fully programmable, four-effects-at-once signal processor.

MIDIsoft Studio Sequencer

Tony Wride takes a look at the Advanced version of MIDIsoft Studio, an easy-to-use, versatile 64-track Atari sequencer with a lot to offer.

How to Set Up a Home Studio Part 2


Part 2: Cabling. David Mellor reveals all the prospective home studio owner needs to know about cables.

Home Recording Techniques

With a little thought and a few 'tricks of the trade', it is possible to produce top quality recordings at home. David Mellor explains how.

Roland U110 Sample Player

Do you like sampled instrument sounds, but hate all of that tedious disk loading, looping and general messing about? Then you'll love Roland's new U110 sample player. Paul Ireson takes it for a spin.

Software Support

Hints, tips and news from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

Karl Steinberg & Mark Badger

Charlie Steinberg and Mark Badger define their concept of what should and what shouldn't be called a 'MIDI workstation'.

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