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Sound On Sound - July 1989


The Best Approach?

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More hi-tech news, views and juicy hot gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

Read all about Roland's new U20 synth, Korg's M3R and S3 rhythm workstation, Peavey's mouthwatering new recording gear, and lots more!

MIDI Management Boxes

Even a relatively modest MIDI setup can create MIDI routing problems, and solutions to these aren’t always easy to find. Paul Ireson investigates the range of Philip Rees MIDI management boxes to see what they can offer.

The Final Cut

Entry-Level Sequencing For The ST

Paul Ireson takes a look at The Final Cut, a budget sequencing program for the Atari ST that offers the beginner more than the average entry-level program.

Yamaha C1 Part 2

Music Software

In the second part of his review of the new Yamaha C1 music computer, Ian Gilby provides a rundown of the different types of music programs available for the C1 and explores the sequencing and MIDI utility program's that are bundled free with the computer.

Good Vibrations

Digidesign Softsynth & Turbosynth

What can you do with a sampler when you're bored of sampling? Paul Ireson finds an answer to this question in the form of creative software from Digidesign that can turn your sampler into a powerful synthesizer.

Tascam TSR8 vs Fostex E8

The 8-Track Challenge

The 8-track challenge: with the release of a new Tascam machine and the recent price cut on the Fostex E8, we thought it opportune to compare the two models. David Mellor adjudicates in the battle of the budget 8-tracks.

Domestic DAT

Sony DTC M100

David Mellor compares the new Sony DTC M100 Digital Audio Tape recorder with the studio industry standard - the Sony DTC 1000ES.

Making the Most of your Akai S1000 Sampler Part 3

Multiple Loops & Timestretch

In this final part of the series, Akai product specialist Steve Howell explores sample editing using multiple loops, and the S1000’s new timestretch feature.

Ensoniq VFX

Following on from last month’s praise-filled preview. Paul Ireson takes a longer, harder look at Ensoniq's new VFX synthesizer, and finds that the beauty of this machine is far more than skin-deep. Is this the synth of 1989? Read the review to find out...

Korg M1R

The release of the M1R puts the M1’s hot sounds in a compact rack-mounting package that will undoubtedly appeal to musicians and studios already burdened by a surfeit of keyboards. Martin Russ looks beyond the surface appeal.

Inside the Synclavier Part 2

PART 2: David Mellor explores the sampling capabilities of the world’s most expensive musical instrument - the Synclavier.

A Programmer's Guide to the Roland D110 Part 1

PART 1: Ace programmer Greg Truckell begins a power user’s guide to this popular LA synth expander.

How to set up a Home Studio Part 8

Questions & Answers

PART 8: David Mellor expands on some of the points that have arisen so far in the series and looks at some alternative patchbays from Connectronics.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive Part 4

(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

PART 4: Martin Russ provides some solid examples of how to utilise the hidden power of MIDI’s SysEx commands to reprogramme synths on-the-fly and to store snapshots of all your synth and effects patches on disk.

The Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins

A voice, a few guitars, a bit of processing, and a hell of a lot of inspiration. Mark J. Prendergast investigates...

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News from the World of Music Software

More hints, tips and update news from the world of music software.

The Music Network

SOS on-line

Sounding Off

A Punter's Eye View

Musician, ‘superstar’ and SOS contributor Tony Hastings has a right old go at equipment manufacturers and music shops.

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