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Sound On Sound - October 1989


Going Soft

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More news, views, and juicy hot gossip from the world of hi-tech music and recording.

Shape of Things to Come

A colourful bonanza of newly released and forthcoming products unveiled...

Computers in Music

The Big Five

Paul Gilby opens our music software special with his thoughts on the 'big five' micros that are currently vying for the musician's money.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Music Software guide

We bring you the biggest ever survey of music software to help you discover the vast wealth of sequencers, editors, score-writers, music composition, and utility programs that are available for the most popular computers of today.

Man of Vision

Dave Oppenheim of Opcode | Dave Oppenheim

Mike Collins chats to Dave Oppenheim, founder of and main programmer for Opcode Systems, the creators of Vision sequencer, the original MIDI File Format, and a range of primarily Macintosh music software and hardware.

Music X

The most talked about Amiga software ever is finally in the shops. Was Microillusion's program worth the wait? Phil South waxes lyrical about the first professional integrated music sequencing and editing program to take full advantage of the Commodore Amiga's powerful multitasking features.

Opcode Vision

Does Opcode's new Macintosh sequencer have what it takes to oust 'Performer' from the sequencer king's throne? Mike Collins enjoys finding out...

Getting into Video Part 2

PART 2: Timecode - much talked about but little understood - is of increasing importance to musicians and recording engineers. Whether you are synchronising audio to video, or MIDI to multitrack, at least a working knowledge of SMPTE/EBU is required. In the second part of this series, David Mellor explains what timecode is and how it is used.

Tascam 644 MIDIstudio

David Mellor gets to grips with a multitrack cassette recorder, an autolocator, a 16-channel mixer, a MIDI-to-tape synchroniser and a MIDI mute processor - all rolled into one compact box called the Tascam 644.

Born Again

Rhodes MK80 Piano

The Rhodes electric piano features on countless classic tracks, and is one of the most imitated keyboard sounds of all time. Now Rhodes are back, with a new keyboard that updates a classic sound with all the benefits of contemporary MIDI technology. Tony Hastings checks it out.

Musicsoft Syncman & MIDIman

MIDI-to-tape interfaces

Do you want to synchronise your sequencer to your multitrack? Or record MIDI data directly onto tape? David Mellor looks at two compact and versatile units from Musicsoft that allow you to do both.


Multi Effects Processor

David Mellor samples the delights of a multiple effects unit that can create up to nine high quality effects at the same time.

Hollis Research MIDIman

If you own more than one MIDI synthesizer and an Atari ST, then this universal editor/MIDI controller desk accessory could revolutionise the way you work. Martin Russ explores ...

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive Part 7

(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

PART 7: Martin Russ delves deeper into the secrets and applications of MIDI's System Exclusive messages.

Digital Signal Processing Part 1

An introduction

PART 1: Digital Signal Processing is rapidly becoming more familiar to musicians and home recordists as digital effects become ever more commonplace. Nevertheless, the technology and principles behind it remain a mystery to most. In this new series Jim Grant offers a straightforward explanation of how DSPs work.

Studio Reproduction Part 1

PART 1: In the first installment of this two-part feature, we take a look behind the scenes at the design, development and construction of a modern day professional recording studio.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the newly updated world of music software.

Sounding Off

Whatever happened to MTC?

'Whatever happened to MIDI Timecode?' asks Chris Smith of XRI Systems.

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