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Sound On Sound - March 1990


Why is SOS Bigger and Better?

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More news, views and juicy hot gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

Your chance to check out some of the new products launched at January’s NAMM


10-Track Recording Package

Combine two 6-track cassette recorders, one synchroniser and a 12:6:2 mixer, and what have you got? A rather appealing multitrack demo studio from Sansui. David Lockwood reports.

Peavey Autograph

MIDI Programmable Graphic Equaliser/Real Time Analyser

The new Peavey Autograph not only analyses your EQ problems, it fixes them too! David Mellor investigates.

Digital Multitrack In North Wales

David Mellor takes a day trip to the University College of North Wales in Bangor to visit the first studio in Britain to take delivery of an Akai DR1200 digital multitrack recorder.

Shure Beta Microphones

Shure’s SM58 and SM57 microphones are recognised industry standards. Although many rival manufacturers have tried to improve on these classics, all have seemingly failed. Now Shure themselves are attempting to go one better with their recently introduced Beta models. Dave Lockwood sees how they fare in comparison.

Yamaha TG55

Tone Generator

The recent launch of Yamaha's new flagship synth, the SY77, seems to have somewhat eclipsed the arrival of its sibling, the TG55 tone generator. Rightly or wrongly, the TG55 has taken something of a backseat whilst its big brother hogs most of the limelight. David Hughes assesses its star potential.

Recording Techniques Part 4

4-Track Recording

PART 4: David Mellor takes a first step into the wide world of multitrack recording with an explanation of cassette-based 4-track techniques.

Dr.T's Tiger

The Integrated Graphic EditoR

You don’t have to be a KCS owner to benefit from Tiger. If your Atari sequencer lacks graphical editing facilities but implements MIDI files, then real-time editing of sequence data is still possible. Chas Stoddard explains all.

Alesis 1622 Mixer

Alesis are known, more than anything, for their digital signal processing expertise, yet their new mixer is an all analogue 16:2:2 design - but employing a revolutionary construction technique. Paul Ireson lends an ear.

Yamaha FX500

Multi-Effects Processor

The best things come in small packages, decides Paul Ireson as he puts this budget six-effects-at-once processor through its paces.

The Computer Connection

Roland’s Computer Music range

Martin Russ looks at the evolution of Roland's approach to computers in music, culminating in their latest CM products.

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Missed any issues? Here’s our comprehensive listing of all the articles we have ever published, from November 1985 to March 1990.

A User's Guide to Sample CDs

Not all sampler owners have access to every instrument they might wish to sample, hence the appearance of Sample CDs containing all manner of digitally recorded sounds. But how useful are they? Are they value for money? Keyboardist Dave Stewart recently spent many hours sorting the wheat from the chaff. Here are his findings.

Start of the ART

Multiverb II Multiverb EXT

Dave Lockwood casts his eye over this brace of MIDI controllable multi-effects processors from ART.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive Part 12

(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

PART 12: Martin Russ concludes this 12-part series designed to demystify one of MIDI's most important and useful messages.

Keyboard Music

Hans Joachim Roedelius

One of the pioneers of the German electronic music scene, Hans Joachim Roedelius's use of electronic keyboards to treat sound, create atmospheres, and provide sonic backdrops has evolved through collaborations with the likes of Conny Plank, Peter Baumann and Brian Eno. Mark J. Prendergast discovers more about the man and his music.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the wonderful world of music software.

The Music Network

News of the latest activity on the musicians' electronic communications network.

Sounding Off

Transparent Technology and the Composician

Transparent technology and the Composician: SOS reader Rowland Jones gets his chance to sound off.

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