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Sound On Sound - October 1990


Into The Hot Seat

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More news, views and titbits from the hi-tech recording arena.

Shape Of Things To Come

This month's colourful round up of new products to tempt and tantalise.

A Grand Performance

Emu Proformance Sampled 16-Bit Piano Module

The sound of a grand piano is, after the human voice, perhaps the most versatile, familiar and evocative sound in music — and it's certainly the most imitated, most recently by the Emu Proformance. Tony Hastings continues the search for the perfect piano module.

Dave Stewart's Music Seminar Part 4

New Jerusalem

Part 4: Dave Stewart continues his monthly series with a look at the ideas behind his song 'New Jerusalem'.

Tascam MTS1000 MIDIizer

As the prices of 8 and 16-track tape recorders have come within the reach of more users, synchronisers are becoming familiar, even essential, to an increasing number of people. David Mellor chases Tascam's new machine and midi synchroniser.

What A Performer!

Performer 3.5

Following hot on the heels of their MIDI Time Piece, Mark of the Unicorn release a major upgrade to Performer, the world's first 'professional' computer MIDI sequencer. Kendall Wrightson looks at what's new in an old favourite.

Light Fantastic

XRI Systems XRL8 MIDILite

Best known for their SMPTE synchronisers and MIDI patch bays, XRI Systems have entered the growing field of MIDI controlled lighting with the compact XRL8 MIDILite. Kendall Wrightson seeks illumination.

A Bit Better?

Aiwa HD-S1 Portable DAT Recorder

As the prospect of DAT technology appearing in the high street approaches, Paul Ireson looks at Aiwa's new portable recorder.

Everything Under Control

Groove M4CV MIDI-to-CV Convertor

Old analogue synths never die — they just gather dust until you can find a reason to kick them into life again. As Chris Ankin discovers, the Groove M4CV MIDI-to-CV convertor could be just such a reason.

Brian Eno

Breaking The Silence | Brian Eno

Brian Eno, is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in electronic music, yet his creative energies have recently been directed into other people's music. Now, with the release of one solo and one collaborative album approaching, he gives a rare interview to Mark Prendergast.

Mac Attack!

Steinberg Cubase Macintosh Sequencer

Steinberg's Cubase, the company's flagship ST sequencer, has now been ported over to the Macintosh to compete against the likes of Performer and Vision. How does it stack up against the big guns of the Mac sequencer world? Mike Collins sits in judgement.

Recording Techniques Part 11

Using the Compressor and Noise Gate

Part 11: Using the compressor and noise gate. The compressor and the noise gate are the most powerful of all the effects in a studio rack. David Mellor passes on some techniques and tricks.

Dr. T's Beyond

Mac Sequencer

Sequencing software for the Macintosh has tended to be be either high-spec and highly priced, or entry-level budget ware. Have Dr. T found a happy medium with Beyond? Matthew Newman investigates.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Brother MDI40 Sequencer

Brother are taking their first steps into the music market with the release of the MDI40 and MDI30 sequencers. Richard Lamont reports.

Adventures In MIDILand Part 3

Part 3: Martin Russ hacks his way deeper into the heart of the MIDI jungle. This month: Buffer size, and how to deal with status swaps.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

A Voice In The Wilderness

Now that we can all make make release-quality albums in our bedrooms and basements, what happens to all this music? Richard Garrett has some suggestions.

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