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Sound On Sound - November 1990


Volume 6 Starts Here

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More news, views and titbits from the hi-tech music recording arena.

Shape Of Things To Come

All the latest hi-tech goodies, brought to you in glorious technicolour.

The Missing Link

Fostex MTC1 Sync Box

Take Fostex's R8 tape deck, Steinberg's Cubase sequencer and an MTC1, and what have you got? Total creative freedom! Richard Aaron discovers the missing link in the recording chain.

Dave Stewart's Music Seminar Part 5

New Jerusalem (Continued)

Part 5: Another songwriting masterclass from Dave Stewart, continuing his examination of the ideas behind 'New Jerusalem'.

Hot Shot

TAC Bullet Console

Is TAC's versatile Bullet a new big gun in the compact console market? Dave Lockwood reports.

EMU Proteus 2

Emu's Proteus 16-bit ROM sample player was one of last year's hi-tech highlights — the new Proteus 2 offers the same concept and quality, but with a whole new set of orchestral sounds. Nigel Humberstone conducts the review.

From Studio To Street - The Story Of DAT

With DAT poised to make the leap from the professional recording studio to the high street, David Mellor looks at the benefits of the format to home recording.

Keeping The Dream Alive

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream have been at the forefront of electronic music long enough to be regarded as an institution. Mark J. Prendergast talks to Paul Haslinger about the TD experience.

Perfect Partners

Akai S1000KB Sampler with DAC R4000 Syquest Drive

The S1000 has been with us for almost two years now, and the removable Syquest drive has become the most popular way of accessing a large library for it. But suppose you put them both in the same box with a weighted keyboard? Paul Wiffen discovers to his joy that someone has!

Digidesign Deck

Who says multitrack hard disk recording has to cost the earth? Digidesign's Deck allows four tracks of digital audio to be played back and mixed on a Macintosh II, with full 16-bit/44.1khz digital fidelity. Paul D. Lehrman investigates.

Hands On MIDI Song Files

How do you learn your favourite songs? Sheet music? Records? Tapes? No way, Jose. Today's musician uses MIDI song files. David Hughes reviews songs-on-disk from hands on MIDI software.

Recording Techniques Part 12

Part 12: Equalisation, there are equalisers, and there are equalisers. David Mellor wonders whether some are more equal than others.

Inside TEAC Japan

Ian Gilby pays a visit to TEAC headquarters in Tokyo, gets blown away by Dolby S noise reduction, and learns some little-known facts about a company destined to play a continued part in the development of recording technology.

Steinberg Cubeat

With Cubase and Notator fighting it out at the top end, Steinberg appear to have left Pro24 to defend its once dominant position in the mid-priced ST sequencer market. Now reinforcements are available with the release of Cubeat, a cut-down version of Cubase. David Hughes takes it into battle.

Kawai MX16

Compact, affordable mixers are as much a part of the MIDI revolution as software and rackmount expanders. Paul Ireson looks at Kawai's new 16-channel keyboard mixer.

Adventures In MIDILand Part 4

Part 4: Martin Russ looks at how mapping can help in traversing the MIDI jungle.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

Prick Up Your Ears

Stephen Bennett offers his views on the quality of recordings, studio monitoring, and domestic hi-fi.

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