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Sound On Sound - December 1990


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Scandal, gossip, libelous rumours! You'll find none of these in edits, just the low-down on what's really happening in the hi-tech music industry.

Shape Of Things To Come

This month's overview of all the new products worth adding to your Christmas list!

Function Junction

MIDI Patchbay

Audio Architecture's Function Junction range of MIDI patchbays offers up to 16 x 64 MIDI routing with MIDI merging, sophisticated MIDI processing and mother keyboard emulation. Kendall Wrightson investigates.

Dave Stewart's Music Seminar Part 6

Sixty Something

Part 6: Sixty something. Dave reflects on originality and where to find it.

Akai S1100

16-Bit Stereo Sampler

Akai's S1000 is without doubt the industry standard professional sampler, so why try and improve on the best? Paul Wiffen finds that SMPTE cue listing, AES/EBU real-time output, and built-in effects are a good start (with hard disk recording to follow).

Keeping Up To Date

Alesis Quadraverb Plus and Datadisk SQ

Upgrading your equipment doesn't always mean selling the old stuff and replacing it entirely: new facilities and features may be only a chip away. Tony Hastings looks at updated versions of two Alesis units.

Boxing Clever

Band-In-A-Box Software

Is it really possible to get more music out of a program than you put in? David Hughes looks at software that takes auto-accompaniment and makes it work for the musician.

Enhancing Your Computer

Martin Russ looks at how you can make the most of your computer power, through a range of software and hardware.

Alesis SR16

The Dynamic Beatbox

You just can't argue with a drum machine offering 233 16-bit sounds, two stereo outputs, 16-voice polyphony and a mammoth memory all for £299 — unless perhaps you're a busker, as Kendall Wrightson discovers.

Wally Badarou

Creating The Future | Wally Badarou

Anyone can dream about the studio of the future, but it takes a unique talent to build it in the present. Wally Badarou's personal studio defies conventional ideas of studio design, substituting voice-controlled DMP11s for a large console, and putting the musician first. Paul Tingen listens in.

Cubase 2.0

Steinberg's flagship sequencer, Cubase, has seen two major revisions since we first reviewed it. David Hughes looks at what's new.

Recording Techniques Part 13

Location Recording

Part 13: Location recording. David Mellor bundles his recording gear into the boot of a car and drives off into the unknown.


Zoom 9002 Advanced Guitar Effects Processor

Six digital effects at once from a Walkman-sized box? Ian Gilby gets turned on by technological progress.

Adventures In MIDILand Part 5

Part 5. The adventure continues - the master of MIDI manipulations, Martin Russ, does the time warp!

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

Form Or Function: What Are We Paying For?

Do manufacturers and distributors care too much about the appearance of products and not enough about performance? Paul Wiffen offers an insider view.

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