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Sound On Sound - November 1991


Volume 7 Starts Here

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Your chance to catch up on what's happening in the whacky world of hi-tech music and recording.

Shape Of Things To Come

Yet another selection of recently announced new products to whet your appetite!

Plasmec ADAS

Digital Audio For The Atari ST

Kendall Wrightson examines an inexpensive Atari-based tapeless recorder offering digital audio editing, plus MIDI controlled hard disk recording with Notator/Creator, Cubase/Cubeat or Virtuoso.

The Beat Box

Alesis D4 16-Bit Stereo Drum Module

Alesis' new D4 offers 500 16-bit drum sounds, external audio triggering and extreme ease of use — what's not to like? Julian Colbeck investigates.

Philip Glass

The Making Of A New Music Supremo | Philip Glass

Philip Glass is the best known, and certainly the best paid, contemporary new music composer. In London for performances of his music for the films Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi, he talked to Mark J. Prendergast.

Sample + Synthesis

Programming Clinic

Most of the current generation of digital synthesizers use a blend of sampling and synthesis techniques to produce their sounds — a powerful combination, but perhaps less easily understood than analogue synthesis. Synth guru Craig Anderton offers some hints and tips on how to get the best out of 'S+S' instruments.

Akai/Linn MPC60 II

Warren Cann looks at the updated version of the MPC60, the most notable result of Roger Linn's collaboration with Akai.

Sony DPS-D7 Digital Delay

The Return Of The Single Effects Unit?

David Mellor looks at an effects processor which can't produce three dozen effects simultaneously. Is this the start of a new trend?

When Things Go Wrong

Day-to-day use takes its toll on recording equipment, so proper maintenance and servicing is essential to get the best from your studio toys. David Mellor takes a look behind the scenes of Fostex's service department.

Hands On: Sound Tools

Ever wondered what its like to use Digidesign Sound Tools? David Mellor takes the driving seat of the world's favourite hard disk recording/editing system.

Kurzweil K1200 & PRO 76

The Innovator Returns

Kurzweil may have invented the ROM sample player as we know it, but others seem to have reaped the benefits. Four years on from the 1000 series, the K1200 and Pro 76 keyboards, and Pro 1 module, offer improved sounds and facilities. David Etheridge dives in at the deep end.

Steal The Feel

Stealing a bit of someone else's playing is the way to swing a dance record. But rather than just lifting a drum loop, wouldn't it be nice if you could invite the drummer to play directly into your sequencer? Well, maybe you can. Wilf Smarties explains how.

Dynamic Duo

Drawmer DL241 Auto-Compressor & DS404 Quad Noise Gate

The latest from Drawmer in dynamic control, reviewed by Dave Lockwood.

Wave Hello

Waldorf Sound Cards 1-3

The first three cards in the Waldorf Microwave sound library, reviewed by Paul Ireson.

Small Is Beautiful

New DAC 128MB Optical and CD-ROM Drives

128 MB on a 3.5" Disk? Mike Collins investigates.

Hard Wearing

Brother PDC100 Sequencer

Martin Russ tries out Brother's latest hardware sequencer.

Techno Sampling

Zero G Datafile Sample CDs

Paul Ireson listens into two dance-oriented sample CDs.

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Win a Frochlich Freestyle and Band-In-A-Box Pro software.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips and tips from the software manufacturers themselves. This month: C-Lab, Steinberg, Dr T, Opcode.


Just as musicians have day jobs, so companies in the music industry often have activities outside the field, writes Martin Russ.

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