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Sound On Sound - January 1992


Bye-Bye 1991, Bienvenue 1992!

This article has no OCR bodytext.Shape Of Things To Come

Another selection of new products to whet your appetite, plus news from the world of hi-tech music.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Six Of The Best

24 prizes to give away!

Digidesign Pro Tools

"It's Cruel To Make A Computer Work This Hard..."

Digidesign, pioneers of low-cost professional digital audio tools, have broken the multitrack barrier, pushing the Macintosh to its limits to offer four to 16 tracks of (relatively) affordable hard disk recording. Paul D. Lehrman can hardly believe his eyes...

Making Your Own Video Part 2

Part 2: The Edit

Last month we looked at how you can use a domestic format like S-VHS to shoot footage good enough for use in a video demo. But getting the right footage is only half the battle as Paul Wiffen and Darrin Williamson found out. This month we follow them through the editing stage.

The Complete Synthesizer Buyer's Guide

Looking for a new synthesizer keyboard or module? Confused? You won't be, after you've read this! Julian Colbeck presents a complete survey of all current instruments, plus a look at the past, present and future of the synth market.

60 Years Of Abbey Road

Richard Buskin looks back at the illustrious past of the world's most famous studio and discovers why Abbey Road has remained a front-runner for so long.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win A Day At Abbey Road

This month we're offering a chance to win a day out at Abbey Road Studios. Five runners up will receive CDs of The Beatles' Abbey Road.

Hands On: Steinberg Cubase

This month David Mellor presents a guided tour of Steinberg's ubiquitous sequencer program.

Emu Proteus Master Performance System

Style In Control

Emu's eagerly awaited new keyboard has arrived! Martin Russ examines the Proteus Master Performance System and discovers that the good design extends far beyond the exterior...

Tascam M3700

Raising The Stakes

Zenon Schoepe gets to grips with the VCA automated desk that some British console manufacturers have not been looking forward to!

Musical Books

Michael Nyman

Although Michael Nyman's name and music became known through Peter Greenaway's extraordinary films, Prospero's Books may see not just the peak but also the end of their creative partnership. But Nyman has other strings to his bow, as Mark J. Prendergast discovers.

The Rough Guide To Choosing Microphones

Dave Lockwood presents the ultimate guide to microphone basics — how they work, how to choose the right mic for a given application, and how to use them.

ART Multiverb Alpha

The Multiverb Alpha is the latest and greatest in ART's series of studio multi-effects processors. Dave Lockwood checks it out.

A Modern Classic

Korg Wavestation EX

Korg's Wavestation synthesizer has won a small but devout following since its introduction 18 months ago. Paul Ireson wonders whether new sounds and effects on the updated Wavestation EX will broaden its appeal.

Heaven Sent

HitSound Pascal Gabriel Sample CD

Paul Ireson listens to the first of AMG's Producer Series of sample CDs.

Lex Is More

Lexicon LXP15 Effects Processor

The Lexicon name is synonymous with high quality effects and extensive MIDI control. Martin Russ finds the LXP15 well up to scratch.

Guitarist's Grail

Tech 21 Sansamp

The ultimate DI sound is the Holy Grail for recording guitarists. Dave Lockwood test (over)drives a black box that moves a step closer to the goal.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software publishers themselves. This month: C-Lab; Steinberg; Opcode; Passport; Dr. T's.


Could the arrival of new storage media such as magneto-optical disks change the way we perceive music?

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