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March 1976 (Not Owned)

Volume 1, Number 1

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Magazine Info

About Synapse

Synapse: The Electronic Music Magazine was a bi-monthly American magazine about synthesizers and electronic music published March 1976 to June 1979. During an era when commercial synthesizers were still pretty new and mostly DIY, Synapse was notable for its high production values, interviews with famous musicians, and articles by well-known writers.

The first production team consisted of editor Douglas Lynner, art director Chris August, photographer Bill Matthias and technical illustrator/circulation/publisher Angela Schill. Staff changes brought managing editors Colin Gardner and Melodie Bryant. After 14 issues they ran out of funds and closed down.
[Source: Wikipedia]

Twelve of the fourteen issues produced were scanned and posted online by its founder Cynthia Webster at Cyndustries.


Cynthia Webster,
Angela Schill,
Doug Lynner


Cynthia Webster


Angela Schill,
Doug Lynner,
Synapse Publishing Co.


14 issues

First issue:

March 1976

Last issue:

May/June 1979

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