mu:zines is a new non-commercial website dedicated to archiving and crowd-sourcing old UK music technology and production magazines from the 80s and 90s.

Many of us have a variety of early issues of Sound On Sound, Music Technology, Home & Studio Recording, Electronics & Music Maker and others, in varying condition, in boxes in the roof, but access to this content is difficult and none of it has been available online.

We're now able to get this great content out of storage and online for everyone, to be archived before it gets lost forever, and hopefully build out complete collections of these publications.

This age is a fabulous one for music technology - the high-end analog polysynths were in their prime, digital synthesis was opening up new sounds and possibilities (hello, DX7!), high-end sampling workstations (Fairlights, Synclaviers and Emulators), low-end affordable sampling (Mirage's and S612s) and a wealth of new drum machines were changing the face of popular music, and MIDI was bringing new power to home-recording setups by letting everything talk to everything else.

The "home micro" was beginning to invade the studio, and ever more software was being created to fulfil every need, bringing us along the path from the early sequencer to the modern DAW.

And artists were keen to talk about their music, and how they use the technology to make music they previously wouldn't have been able to dream of making, from pop producers, new age artists and song-writers, to the birth of modern dance music via acid, hip-hop, house, rave and techno.

You'll find all this and more - features on MIDI, sampling and sound design, reviews of synths, samplers and FX, interviews with famous and talented producers and artists. Even music-focused electronics projects from back in the day.

Whether you are looking for reviews of obscure gear you want to buy on eBay, checking out how classic records were made and what gear was used, or just for a bit of music tech nostalgia, there should be something here for you. And all without having to wade through those old storage boxes!

With hundreds of magazines scanned so far, the task of collecting and getting them online will be an on-going project, and we need your support.

So check out the site, and if you have any issues in storage that we are missing, you might be able to help fill in the gaps!


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