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Maths, Music & Motion

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | Music Technology, Dec 1993

Expert tips on fine-tuning your effects in exact time with your BPMs.

Roland SRV-330

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1993
Dimensional Space Reverb

Can a stereo unit create 3D ambience?

You pays yer money...

Review | The Mix, Jul 1994
Fostex RD8

Assessing the alternative ADAT

Complete Control

Review | The Mix, Jul 1994
Yamaha Promix

Affordable digital mixer previewed

Logic with a light touch

Review | The Mix, Aug 1994
Aphex 105 noise gate

More gates, fewer greenbacks

The art of noise

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | The Mix, Aug 1994
The secret life of the noise gate

Open your gate and find the key to a better sound

The Z-plane to Hyperspace

Review | The Mix, Nov 1994
E-mu Ultra Proteus

The pre-eminent Proteus

Black magic box

Review | The Mix, Nov 1994
Audio Technica AT4050

High-quality studio mic


News | The Mix, Nov 1994
Sounds, samples, & software upgrades for the modern studio

Software, samples and gadgets for the modern musician

Don't get mad get equal

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | The Mix, Nov 1994
EQ Tutorial

Perfecting your sound with a little equalisation

Easy does it

Review | The Mix, Sep 1994
Aphex Easyrider 106

Compression without frills

Compression expression

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | The Mix, Sep 1994

Thresholds and ratios explained

Digital Intercourse

Review | The Mix, Oct 1994
Alesis AI-1

Digital interface

Maximum headroom

Review | The Mix, Dec 1994
Behringer Composer and Autocom

Two models of compressor

Talk radio

Review | The Mix, Dec 1994
Shure EC2/58 radio mic

Sounds without the cables



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