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Instant Pictures

Feature | Topic: Performing, Video / Film / Picture | Music Technology, Feb 1987

From Canada comes Mandala, the first instrument capable of translating video images into MIDI data - and vice versa. Jim Burgess points some pretty pictures and assesses the implications.

Intelligent Music Jam Factory

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1987
Software for Apple Macintosh

If you're lucky enough to have an Apple Macintosh computer, you can now take advantage of a revolutionary new program that improvises its own music based on the data you feed it. Review by Jim Burgess.

Intelligent Music

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1987
Software for Apple Macintosh

After the Jam Factory comes "M", an advanced music composition and manipulation system for the Mac. Jim Burgess investigates a variation on the theme of MIDI recording.

The New Macintosh

Feature | Topic: Computing | Music Technology, May 1987

Jim Burgess sends us an exclusive preview of Apple's powerful pair of new computers - and assesses their implications for tomorrow's MIDI-using musicians.

Casio FZ1

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1987
Sampling Keyboard

This is it. A 16-bit sampling keyboard for the price of a 12-bit one, with digital synthesis tacked on as a bonus. Jim Burgess gives his verdict in our exclusive review.

Passport Master Tracks Pro

Feature | Music Technology, Jul 1987
Software for the Apple Macintosh

Few software houses have been in the music business as long as Passport, yet only now have they designed a package for the sophisticated Apple Macintosh. Jim Burgess checks it out.

Grey Matter Response E!

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987
for the DX7, Version 2.0

The debate over whether to upgrade to a DX7II takes on a new dimension with the possibilities that this expansion board brings to the original. Jim Burgess is impressed.

Intelligent Music UpBeat

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987
Software for Apple Macintosh

This Mac program from New York sets out to bring the flexibility of computer programming techniques to drum programming. Jim Burgess drums up his enthusiasm.

Apple HyperCard

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1988
Software for the Apple Macintosh

A computer program that teaches you how to use your gear? Jim Burgess checks out a package for the Apple Macintosh that threatens to make the users' manual a thing of the past.



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