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Yamaha RX-15

Review | In Tune, Dec 1984

Bit One

Review | In Tune, Dec 1984
6-Voice Programmable Touch-Sensitive Synthesiser

Roland MKB-1000 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Review | In Tune, Dec 1984
Plus MIDI MKS-30 and MKS-10

Roland TR707

Review | In Tune, Jan 1985

Akai MG1212 Multitrack

Review | In Tune, Jan 1985
Combined 12-Channel Mixer/Recorder

Wild About the OSCar

Review | In Tune, Jan 1985
The Oxford Synthesiser Co.'s OSCAR Programmable Music Synth - with Midi.

Casio CZ-101

Review | In Tune, Jan 1985
Professional Polyphonic Synth

Siel MK-900

Review | In Tune, Apr 1985
MIDI Home Keyboard

Roland EP50 Electronic Piano

Review | In Tune, Jul/Aug 1985

Yamaha's DX21 FM Digital Synth

Review | In Tune, Jul/Aug 1985

Music Sales unveil new Commodore Software

Review | In Tune, Jul/Aug 1985
Commodore Sound Studio

Ensoniq Mirage

Review | In Tune, Jul/Aug 1985

Prophet 2000

Review | One Two Testing, Nov 1985

Sequential step up with a sampling keyboard

Korg SQD Sequencer

Review | One Two Testing, Nov 1985

big memory with drive

Bit 99 Synth

Review | One Two Testing, Nov 1985

poly offspring from the bit one

Roland MKS7

Review | One Two Testing, Dec 1985

midi sound module

Ivory Tech

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1986
Technics PX1 Digital Piano

The PX1 heralds a new generation of electronic pianos that aims to provide acoustic sound quality in a more versatile, up-to-date format. Julian Colbeck meets the latest Japanese Joanna.

The Shape of Pianos to Come

Group: Roland Newslink - Summer 86

Feature | Topic: Advertisement Feature | International Musician & Recording World, Jun 1986

Ivory-free piano and the digital grand...


Review | In Tune, Jul 1986
Yamaha PF70 & 80 Electronic Pianos

Roland S-10 Sampling Keyboard

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1986

'Is this the one we have all been waiting for?' asks Julian Colbeck. Slotting neatly into the vacant sub-£1000 price bracket, Roland's new keyboard is a fast and easy to use sampler with plenty of attractive qualities. But how does it fare against the competition? Read on to find out...

Akai Arrive!

Review | In Tune, Nov 1986
Akai AX73 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesiser

1..2.. 3,4,5 - How To Bring Your Sounds Alive

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1986
Roland DEP-5 multi-effects

Julian Colbeck brings you the key facts on Roland's improvement on the SPX90.

What The EK..?

Review | In Tune, Dec 1986
Elka EK-44 Programmable Digital Synthesiser


Review | In Tune, Dec 1986
Akai X7000 Sampling Keyboard



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