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Roland D-50 - Part 1

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1987
Is the future Linear?

Does Roland's new LA synthesizer mean the end of FM is in sight? Martin Russ falls in love with the world's first ever Linear Arithmetic synthesizer whilst trying to find out...

Roland MT-32

Review | Sound On Sound, Sep 1987
Multi-Timbral Expander

Hot foot from the BMF, hard-working Martin Russ brings us his review of this innocent-looking multitimbral LA expander which packs many of the features of Roland's D-50 synthesizer, including onboard digital reverb, but with the added bonus of 28 sampled drum sounds!

Roland D110 LA Expander

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1988
The Expanded Expander

Here it is - the professional version MT32 complete with separate voice outputs, built-in reverb and hardly any noise. Martin Russ looks at Roland’s new studio-oriented rackmount LA synthesizer.

Big Band & Studio 24

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1989

Martin Russ orchestrates his way through two fascinating ST programs from French software house, Digigram.

Sounding Off

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Aug 1989

Martin Russ worries about software pollution and wonders if we can look forward to 'green' software.

The Route To The Top

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1990
XRI Systems XR400 MIDI Mate

Is your MIDI system just an accident waiting to happen? Here's an easy way of bringing order to your present tangled mess of MIDI connections. Martin Russ checks out XRI Systems' clever XR400 MIDI Mate.

Sampling or Sam-Click-Pling!

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, Jun 1986

Martin Russ returns with a light-hearted look at a serious subject - sample looping - and passes on a few handy tips for those of you that are having difficulty with your sampling machines.

Practically MIDI - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build, MIDI | Sound On Sound, Oct 1987

Continuing our new series for DIY fans, Martin Russ shows how you can go about adding extra MIDI Ins, Outs and Thrus to a MIDI interface.

Technical Tips

Feature | Sound On Sound, Jun 1988

Practical hints and tips for the modern recording musician. Martin Russ shares some of his hi-tech pearls of wisdom.

ST Replay 4 Sampler

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1989

Martin Russ has fun turning his Atari computer into a multi-function sampler, drum machine and digital effects unit with the aid of Microdeal's low-cost Replay 4.


Review | Sound On Sound, Sep 1989

If you’re tired of playing keyboards and want a more imaginative way to create music, then this mouse-driven MIDI controller may prove an ideal alternative. Martin Russ investigates.

Doctor Jurgenbuster's Casebook

Feature | Sound On Sound, Apr 1990
How To Obtain Extra Drum Sounds For Free!

Bored with the sounds your drum machine makes? Martin Russ provides a bunch of tips to help you perk up your percussion.

Mark of the Unicorn Performer

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1986
Software for Apple Macintosh

Our resident Mac user Martin Russ steps his way enthusiastically through two of the best written software packages for the Apple Macintosh computer [in this part] - 'Performer', a comprehensive multitrack sequencing program.

C-Lab Creator

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1987

Martin Russ loops the hours away with Version 1.2 of this new MIDI sequencing package for the Atari ST computer from Germany's C-Lab.

Practically FM - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Jun 1988

Part 2 of our new series for FM synth owners, in which Martin Russ attempts to give away the secrets of FM programming!

Pandora DXessory

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1989
A Practical FM Editing Solution?

Martin Russ explores the merits of Desk Accessory programs with a look at this Atari-based 'pop-up' DX editor from Pandora Technology.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive - Part 6

Feature | Topic: MIDI | Sound On Sound, Sep 1989
(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

Martin Russ continues his detailed investigation into the inner secrets of MIDI's most powerful messages.

Peavey DPM3

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1990
Composition Centre

Announced over a year ago, the all-American DPM3 has finally landed on our shores. Martin Russ takes the wraps off Peavey's much publicised first foray into the hi-tech keyboard market.

Mark of the Unicorn Professional Composer

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1986
Software for Apple Macintosh

Our resident Mac user Martin Russ steps his way enthusiastically through two of the best written software packages for the Apple Macintosh computer [in this part] - 'Professional Composer', a music transcription program.

Practically MIDI - Part 3

Feature | Topic: MIDI, Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Nov 1987

While most of us spend our time trying to get our MIDI equipment to work together properly, Martin Russ reveals how to creatively mis-use MIDI and produce some interesting musical results.

Roland MT32 Update & Editors

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1988

If you own an MT32 then you really should be using a computer-based voice editing program to make the most of its facilities. Martin Russ compares three possible contenders for your money from Tigress Designs, Dr T and Steinberg.

Lexicon MRC

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1989
MIDI Remote Controller

Lexicon's MRC unit is much more than a fancy remote controller for their PCM70 and LXP1 signal processors - it also provides analogue-like controls for easy editing of DX synth parameters and manipulation of virtually any MIDI controller data. Martin Russ checks out the power behind the buttons.

Hollis Research MIDIman

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1989

If you own more than one MIDI synthesizer and an Atari ST, then this universal editor/MIDI controller desk accessory could revolutionise the way you work. Martin Russ explores ...

Adventures In MIDILand - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Computing, MIDI | Sound On Sound, Aug 1990

Part 1: Martin Russ sets off on a wild and wacky expedition through the MIDI Programming Jungle.

Expand your DX

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987

Yamaha's DX7 may well be a classic keyboard but its MIDI implementation and small onboard memory are starting to look decidedly limited compared to newer generation keyboards. What's needed is an upgrade, and the add-on E! board from America's Grey Matter Response is certainly that! Martin Russ enthuses over its features.



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