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Macworld '89

Show Report | Music Technology, Feb 1990

The Atari ST may currently be the most popular music computer, but a lot of music software is still being pioneered on the Apple Mac. Mike Collins visited MacWorld '89 for the latest musical developments.

Beat Dis

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jun 1991

Into the future with RSS, and looking back to programming 'Say A Little Prayer', Bomb The Bass talk technical to Mike Collins.

Passport Designs' Encore

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1990
Software for Apple Macintosh

Passport's Encore Mac scorewriting software aims to optimise music entry, playback and printing in one program. Mike Collins checks out the dots and the dot matrix.

Passport Master Tracks Pro 4.5.3

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1991

Passports Master Tracks Pro has a longer track record than most sequencers. Mike Collins looks at the latest version for the Mac.

Passport Mastertracks Pro 4

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1990
Software for Apple Macintosh

Passport's Mastertracks has been one of the leading Macintosh sequencing programs for several years. Mike Collins boots up the latest version to check on its progress.

Small Is Beautiful

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1991
New DAC 128MB Optical and CD-ROM Drives

128 MB on a 3.5" Disk? Mike Collins investigates.

Dr T's Beyond

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1990
Software for Apple Macintosh

It's not often a new program enters the Macintosh stable of sequencers, but one notable newcomer is this package from Dr T's. Mike Collins dons Mac and boldly goes...

360 Systems Pro MIDI Bass

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1988

Why use an expensive sampler for playing bass sounds when you can take advantage of the Pro MIDI Bass and free your sampler for more worthwhile tasks? Mike Collins lets his fingers do the walking.

How To Recreate A Jam & Lewis Production

Feature | Topic: Recording, Sequencing | Sound On Sound, Sep 1988
'When I Think Of You' by Janet Jackson

One good means of learning your way around the equipment you own is to use it to recreate somebody else's music. That's exactly what Mike Collins did last year whilst working at Yamaha's Research & Development Studio in London. Using nothing but Yamaha gear, he set about reproducing a Janet Jackson hit in full, by himself. Here, he recalls what was involved.

How to Store your SPX90 Effects

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing, MIDI | Sound On Sound, Oct 1988
Using System Exclusive Bulk Dumps

Have you ever wished you could save your SPX90 effects programs to disk or into your MIDI sequencer for instant recall at the right point in your music? Using the power of MIDI’s System Exclusive Bulk Dump commands, Mike Collins explains how it can be done.

Enya - Watermark

Feature | Sound On Sound, Mar 1989

The Magic Of Enigma Studios

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989

Mike Collins investigates the magic behind Enigma Studios, a MIDI-based recording facility in London's East End.

Sounding Off

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989
Is MIDI Finally Out Of The Closet?

Freelance programmer, musician, and SOS author Mike Collins wonders whether MIDI has gained genuine acceptance in pro studio circles or not.

Mac World

Show Report | Micro Music, Jan 1990

Mike Collins reports on what's new for Macintosh owners at the recent Mac World show in the States

Opcode Vision

Review | Micro Music, Mar 1990

Man of Vision

Interview | Sound On Sound, Oct 1989
Dave Oppenheim of Opcode

Mike Collins chats to Dave Oppenheim, founder of and main programmer for Opcode Systems, the creators of Vision sequencer, the original MIDI File Format, and a range of primarily Macintosh music software and hardware.

Opcode Vision

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1989

Does Opcode's new Macintosh sequencer have what it takes to oust 'Performer' from the sequencer king's throne? Mike Collins enjoys finding out...

A Week In The Life Of A Session Programmer

Feature | Sound On Sound, Sep 1990

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a professional MIDI programmer/musician? How do you get your sessions? What kind of gigs come up? What sort of problems arise? What sort of technical and musical knowledge do you need? Mike Collins spills the beans.

Mac Attack!

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1990
Steinberg Cubase Macintosh Sequencer

Steinberg's Cubase, the company's flagship ST sequencer, has now been ported over to the Macintosh to compete against the likes of Performer and Vision. How does it stack up against the big guns of the Mac sequencer world? Mike Collins sits in judgement.



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