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Documenting Reality

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1989

Contemporary American composer Steve Reich talks about train journeys, music video theatre, and the ethics and aesthetics of sampling. Simon Trask goes along for the ride.

The Blueprint of Hiphop

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1989

From the New York roots of hip hop, KRS One talks about street-level production values and samples as the poor musician's alternative to real musicians. Simon Trask listens to the Music of the Spheres.

MEL FX 1001

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1986
Signal Processor

A sophisticated approach to multi-effects processing comes from a new British company. Simon Trask finds out if it matches up to the stiff Japanese competition.

Yamaha SY22

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1990

Yamaha's new SY22 combines RCM synthesis with elements of the Prophet VS's vector synthesis to give us Dynamic Vector Synthesis. Simon Trask previews the return of the joystick synth.

Korg Wavestation

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1990

Taking onboard the "Vector" synthesis of the Prophet VS, Korg's latest synth offers a fresh approach to modern synthesis. Simon Trask previews Korg's latest synth.

Techno Rhythim

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1990

Now making a huge impact in the north of Britain, Detroit's techno music owes its roots to a handful of far-sighted pioneers - amongst them Derrick May. Simon Trask discusses the future of electronic music.

Cheetah MD16

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1991
Drum Machine

Possibly the most requested review in recent years, Cheetah's MD16 drum machine is finally here and ready for inspection. Simon Trask gives it a good beating.

E-MU Systems Pro/cussion

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1991
Maximum Percussion Module

Having set standards with their Proteus sample reader and their Pro/formance piano module. E-mu are trying again. Simon Trask beats up the new Pro/cussion drum expander.

Akai MX1000 & PM76

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1992
MIDI Master Keyboard/Piano Sound Board

Take a well-facilitated MIDI master keyboard and add a piano module and you have the basis of Akai's MX1000 - a "dumb" controller with a voice. Simon Trask plays and listens.

Yamaha MIDI Grand

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1988
Grand Piano

For everyone who's ever wished they could play their favourite synthesiser patch from a grand piano, Yamaha have the answer. Simon Trask discovers that old and new technology can co-exist in harmony.

Mirage Multisampler

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1986

Simon Trask takes a look at the Mirage's rack-mounting counterpart, and finds it even better value than the keyboard version.

Yamaha MEP4 Processor

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1986

Simon Trask somehow finds time to examine the most sophisticated MIDI event processor of the lot. Are its facilities usable?

Zyklus MIDI Performance System

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a MIDI Performance System. Simon Trask investigates the truth behind the intriguing advertising campaign.

Theme And Variations

Show Report | Music Technology, Mar 1989
Frankfurt Musikmesse 1989

Rain, sub-zero temperatures and sleazy hotels - who'd go to Frankfurt if it wasn't for the trade show? Simon Trask finds more than warmth and shelter at the Musikmesse.

Roland JV30

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1992
GS Synthesiser

Not simply a stripped-down JV80, Roland's new JV30 has some surprises to add to its minorbuck price tag. Simon Trask test drives a new Roland which could prove a popular buy amongst cost-conscious synth players.

Akai PG2

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1993
Digital Piano

The piano has been plinking

Touching Bass - Part 5

Feature | Topic: Music Theory | Music Technology, Jun 1993
Bass Playing & Programming

Get in touch with the subculture, courtesy of Simon Trask

State of Independents - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Music Business | Music Technology, Nov 1993
Time to Play

Nottingham's Time Recording give an independent label's-eye view from the front line of dance music. Simon Trask checks his Swatch...

Future Talk - Part 2

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1994

Part 2: what would you do with a Sony Betacam video edit suite next to your S1000? Simon Trask continues to track FSOL's audio-visual path...

Sequential Tom

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1985
Programmable digital drum machine

Following the Drumtraks in vocation and the MAX in appearance comes TOM, Sequential’s latest. Simon Trask finds out if reverse drum samples really do have a use.

Black Box Secrets

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1985
Akai MIDI Effects

Three 19" rack-mounted modules that act as a delay, a dynamics controller, and an arpeggiator respectively. Simon Trask gives them the critical treatment.

Professional Conduct

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1986
Steinberg Pro 16 Sequencer

It’s been a while coming, but now the Commodore 64 has a software package to rival the BBC’s UMI. Simon Trask checks out an incredible MIDI sequencer, and lists what it can do.

Roland U110 PCM Sound Module

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1989

What is 1¾" high, has 31 voices, plays the piano, vibraphone and sax, and has its own library? Simon Trask checks out Roland's latest PCM sample module.

World System

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1989

It's the talk of Paris' hep musical set, Peter Gabriel set up a new record label for it and Ray Lema is one of its greatest exponents - Simon Trask discovers hitech ethnic music is about to make its mark on popular culture.

Steinberg ProCreator

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1986
Software for Yamaha DX/TX and Atari ST

Why spend hours slaving over a hot DX7 trying to find new sounds, when there's an Atari ST program that does all the hard work for you? Simon Trask puts his feet up and takes a look.



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