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Casio FZ1

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1987
Sampling Keyboard

This is it. A 16-bit sampling keyboard for the price of a 12-bit one, with digital synthesis tacked on as a bonus. Jim Burgess gives his verdict in our exclusive review.

Casio FZ1 sampler

Review | Making Music, Jun 1987

This article has no OCR bodytext.Interface

Feedback | Music Technology, Aug 1988

You have the questions, we have the answers - Casio FZ1 sample disks, Atari vs Amiga, the latest news on Ultravox - all in MTs exclusive advice column.


Feature Downloads | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, May 1989

A review of the Desert Island sample collection for the Mirage joins readers' own patches for the Roland D110, Ensoniq ESQ1 and Casio CZ5000 in this month's action-packed edition of Patchwork.


Group: ChitChat

Interview | Phaze 1, Apr 1989

Quality of Life

Editorial | Music Technology, Apr 1987

As the world and his wife gets hot under the collar about affordable 16-bit sampling, we wonder if the increase in sound quality is necessary at all.

Money Whores

Editorial | Music Technology, Mar 1991

The copyright arguments surrounding sampling continue, but artistic issues are steadily being eclipsed by financial ones. Tim Goodyer goes toe-to-toe with The Wall Street Journal.

Akai S900 Revisited

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1987

S900 owner David Mellor receives a package in the post from Akai, which rekindles his enthusiasm in the sampler which was one of the first to combine a wealth of facilities with a reasonable price. Will the Version 2.0 software update bring the Akai into line with the latest samplers on the market or has it become old technology - just after its first birthday?

Teenage Kicks

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1993

Berlin's techno anarchists Alec, Carl and Hanin are here to cause a riot. Ringleader Alec Empire mouths off on the ambient backlash

Scratch & Snatch

Interview | Phaze 1, Jan 1989

tasty tips from britain's cut-up kings - if it moves, sample it!

Sounding Off

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Mar 1990
Transparent Technology and the Composician

Transparent technology and the Composician: SOS reader Rowland Jones gets his chance to sound off.

TurboSynth Software

Group: Review

Review | Phaze 1, Nov 1988

Living in the Past

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1988

His time with Rainbow, Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne has made Don Airey a rock institution (rather than putting him in one). Tim Goodyer talks to him about music and machinery.

Masterbits Sample CD Collection

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990

David Hughes lends an ear to three well-priced CDs full of synthesizer and drum machine samples.

Sampler Survey

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Making Music, Oct 1987

Sound Designer Universal

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1988

If you own several samplers or just want to transfer S900 samples into your mate’s FZ1, then this program will make life considerably easier. David Mellor creates some designer sounds with the Atari ST version of Digidesign’s universal sample editor.


Feature Downloads | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Jun 1989

A review of the Desert Island sample library for the Ensoniq EPS joins a selection of readers own patches for the Korg M1, Ensoniq SQ80 and Yamaha TX81Z in this month's Patchwork.

Mixing Lessons

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1988

Mott Black and Jonathan More have enjoyed success as DJs, record producers and artists in their own right. Simon Trask takes it from scratch.

The Shape of Things to Come

News | Sound On Sound, May 1988

A chance to check out some of the forthcoming new products that might force you to dig deeper into your pockets later this year.

The Help File

Feedback | The Mix, Sep 1994
Where everything clicks

Your questions answered

Sound Advice

Feedback | Sound On Sound, May 1987

More hints and tips revealed as the expert teaching staff of London's Gateway School of Recording & Music Technology answer your queries.

The State of Technology

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1989

England's North has consistently produced some of the most innovative electronic music. Simon Trask talks to a band set to take their place alongside New Order and Heaven 17.

Stronger Than The Rest

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Music Technology, Sep 1987
Strongroom Studio

Hidden in the centre of London is a recording studio with MIDI very much in its heart. Dan Goldstein talks to its directors about technology, producers and prejudice.

The Help File

Feedback | The Mix, Nov 1994
Where everything clicks

Your questions answered

Every Little Bit

Feature | Topic: Digital Audio, Sampling | Music Technology, Nov 1987

Sound quality has long been a grey area in the world of sampling. Chris Meyer finds out it takes more than "bits" to make a sampler sound good.



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