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Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Sep 1993

Smiths' producer Stephen Street lets off some steam.

Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Oct 1993

Former Yazz and Dina Carroll producer Nigel Lowis lets off steam about short termism.

Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993

Genesis, Marillion and Fuzzbox producer Nick Davis suggests how British music might regain some lost magic.

Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Jun 1993

The thoughts of production and remixing team Pressure Zone close this bumper 208-page issue of SOS.

Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Jul 1993

Some words of wisdom from producer Alan Winstanley close the mag this month.

Production Lines

Opinion | Recording Musician, Feb 1993

This month, guest producer Gary Langan speaks of his recording history and the loneliness of the long-distance producer...

Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Aug 1993

Suede's producer Ed Buller gives vent to some controversial opinions.

Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Dec 1993

Curiosity Killed The Cat's producer Glenn Skinner gets a few things of his chest this month.

Production Lines

Opinion | Recording Musician, Jul 1992

Guest producer Nicky Graham looks into the future of recorded music.

Production Lines - Sadia

Opinion | Recording Musician, Aug 1992

Guest producer Sadia joins the ongoing 'digital vs analogue' debate.

Production Lines - Mike Howlett

Opinion | Recording Musician, Apr 1993

Mike Howlett predicts that the currently moribund state of the record industry is simply a cyclic phenomenon, and that things will soon be on the upturn.

Production Lines - Muff Winwood

Opinion | Recording Musician, Sep 1992

Guest producer Muff Winwood holds what are sure to be controversial opinions on artistes' responsibilities and expectations.

Production Lines - Robin Millar

Opinion | Recording Musician, Jan 1993

Guest producer Robin Millar strikes a note of realism on the subject of home recording, record deals, and the size of A&R department waste bins...

Production Lines - Stephen Tayler

Opinion | Recording Musician, Dec 1992

Stephen Tayler raises some interesting points about studio equipment design and the ergonomics of the studio workplace.

Production Lines - Andy Longhurst

Opinion | Recording Musician, Mar 1993

Andy Longhurst broaches the issue of equipment compatibility.

Production Lines - Steve Hillage

Opinion | Recording Musician, Oct 1992

Guest Producer Steve Hillage argues for the breaking down of arbitrary barriers between musical styles.

Production Lines - Chris Porter

Opinion | Recording Musician, May 1993

Some words of undeniable wisdom from producer Chris Porter play you gently out of the mag this month.

Production lines

Group: In Session

Interview | The Mix, Aug 1994
At home with Chris Hughes

The former Tears For Fears producer invites us in for a cuppa

Production Lines

Opinion | Recording Musician, Nov 1992
Rod Halling & John Etchells

Rod Halling and John Etchells discuss the producer's role in promoting new acts.

Fernandez RJB-55 Bass

Group: Mini Reviews

Review | One Two Testing, Jun 1986

Made In Japan

Editorial | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1986

'Made in Japan' has a new meaning after a trip to the homeland of the DX7.

Washburn G2 Guitar

Review | One Two Testing, Dec 1985

quite cheap and wang-ish

Important Announcement

Group: Supplement

Editorial | Recording Musician, May 1993
To All RM Readers

CM Editorial

Group: Computer Musician

Editorial | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1983


News | One Two Testing, Jan 1985
news from the front

after the break, news from the front



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