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AES SX303 Sampler Kit

A modification that turns your digital delay into a sampler.

SX303 linked to the SDE3000 digital delay.

Those of you who cannot afford an Akai sampler but are bitten by the sampling bug may be interested in a digital delay modification marketed by an Essex company, Audio Engineering Services, that transforms your delay into a sampler.

The SX303, once fitted, consists of a small controller unit which connects to a multipin connector on the back of the DDL. The electronics are on a small board that fits inside the delay line. The SX303 can be fitted to most delays except Eventides.

The control unit consists of two rotary knobs and two push buttons. The first will select the mode in which the DDL will act. In normal mode the sampling circuitry will be bypassed and the delay will behave in its unmodified form. One turn to the left switches in the 303's sampling circuitry. Set in Sample mode the samples can be triggered from a signal sent to the units input or by a control voltage from a keyboard. The samples will then sound for the full duration of the sample time.

The other setting is Hold which is identical to sampling mode except that the duration of the playback of a sample is dependent on how long the note on the keyboard is held.

Of the other controls one is used for adjusting the pitch of the sample, one is for manual triggering (Play) and one for the recording of the samples (Record).

A sample is made by sending a sound to the DDL's input: When the input level has been adjusted for optimum quality, the 303 is set to sample by pressing the Record button which then samples automatically. The quality of the samples is dependent on the delay being used. For example, a delay that has a maximum delay time of 480ms and a bandwidth of 8kHz can be used to get a sample of 480ms duration with 8kHz bandwidth.

Samples can be overdubbed by sampling the first sound in the normal way and then turning the DDL s feedback control on full and resampling another sound. This second sample will be sampled on top of the first sample (entered into the memory by being re-recorded via the feedback circuitry). Quality deteriorates as more layers are added.

Audio Engineering Services also offer a cheaper model for £89 but samples cannot be sampled from the keyboard's CV output. The company will fit the kit for £35 (London area only) DDLs can also be sent to a branch of Future Music, or: AES, at (Contact Details). Fitting takes approximately two weeks and is free of charge.

Price: £129

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Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


Electronic Soundmaker - Jun 1985

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

Review by Curtis Schwartz

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