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Drum Machines Buyers Guide

Article from Electronics & Music Maker, July 1982

Another of our regular guides for the Electro-Musician.

Time for another Buyers Guide, and this month we look at the percussive world of drum machines, fast becoming a necessity for the complete electro-musician and an almost essential item in any home recording set-up. If you are looking for a drum machine, you'll need first to consider the most important parameter how much cash is there rattling around in the piggy bank? In our selection of all the relevant drum machines available that we've listed here, you could quite easily spend anything from 70 quid to over two grand, so it's well worth considering next just exactly what it is you want the machine to do.

Will it for example, just have to bash out a reasonably consistent bump-thwack all the way through your fabulous ditties, or do you want to be able to program intros, breaks, fills, outros, and all those other twiddly bits? Do you need to control accurately the individual sounds of the 'drum kit', or do you just want a loud-ish din in the cans?

Only you can answer these heart-rending questions, and all the other intricate self-analysis involved in Buying Something. The Buyers Guide is here simply to aid and abet you in the task: here you will find just drum machines — no drum synths, no sequencer-family add-ons, but pure and simple (and not-so-simple) drum machines.

As ever, the prices shown are INCLUSIVE OF VAT, and we suggest that you check further with distributors and suppliers for additional information that lack of space prevents us from printing. Remember to mention E&MM when making your enquiries — and good luck!

AN — alpha numeric; inc — including; pres — preset; prog — programmable; RR — Roy Rogers; trig — trigger; var— variation; x2 — two locations per 'memory'.


Roland (UK) Ltd., (Contact Details).
DR55 'Doctor Rhythm' Prog: 4 voices, 8 memories (x2), Trig in/out 99.00


Clef Products (Electronics) Ltd., (Contact Details).
Master Rhythm Prog: 7 voices (each with 3 var), 12 memories (x2), fill-ins, internal independent adjustment.
Kit form, direct 79.00
Manufactured, direct 119.00


John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd., (Contact Details).
Ritmo 12 Pres: 12 rhythms, trig out. 120.00
Ritmo 20 Pres: 8 voices, 20 rhythms, conga-tom sustain, intro/fill-in, start/stop (also remote), 6 gains on voices. 180.00


Elka Orla (UK) Ltd., (Contact Details).
Sidekick 32 Pres: 10 voices, 16 rhythms (x2), fill with optional foot-pedal control 250.00


Sisme UK Ltd., (Contact Details).
Drummaker 45 Pres: 15 rhythms (each with 3 var). Adjustable var every 1-4 bars. Includes keyboard or pedalboard for auto accomp. Bass, chords, arpeggios plus memory and pitch control with keyboard or pedalboard 625.00


Hammond Organ (UK) Ltd., (Contact Details).
AV64 Pres: 9 voices, 16 rhythms (each with 4 var). Adjustable for var every 1-4 bars plus fill 425.00


Rose-Morris & Co. Ltd., (Contact Details).
KR33 Pres: 12 voices, 48 rhythms, trig out 235.00
KR55 Pres: 12 voices, 48 rhythms, trig out, +var, gain and output per voice 325.00


Various suppliers, including: Argent's Keyboards, (Contact Details); Scenic Sounds Equipment, (Contact Details); Syco Systems, (Contact Details).
LinnDrum (new so-called 'LM2') Prog: 16 voices (inc. cymbals), 49 'rhythm patterns', external triggering, trig in/out, cassette dump, gain output and pan per voice, user-changeable voices. Quoted prices range from: 1950.00 to 2700.00


Movement Audio-Visual, (Contact Details).
Percussion Computer Computer's drum option: set time/real time (external triggering), 14 voices, 10 memories (+ cassette dump), trig in/out, multiple control functions per voice 2068.85


Argent's Keyboards, (Contact Details).
DMX (new) Prog: 24 voices, 50 'pre-programmed rhythm sequences', trig in/out, cassette dump, output per voice, 16-character AN display 1650.00


Roland (UK) Ltd., (Contact Details).
CR8000 14 voices on voice-card, 24 preset rhythms, 7 preset intro/fills, 8 prog memories, 6 gains to summed output 399.00
CR5000 Pres: similar to 8000, but without prog functions 299.00
TR606 Prog: 7 voices, 16 memories (x2), trig in/out, 5 gains to summed output 199.00
TR808 16 voices, 16 memories (x2), trig in/out, gain and output per voice 699.00


Strings & Things Ltd., (Contact Details).
SR88 Prog: 4 voices, 8 memories (x2), trig out, fill-ins 72.95
ST305 (new) Prog: 8 voices, 8 memories (x2), trig in/out, gain and output per voice 124.95


ElectroVoice Ltd., (Contact Details). Aura Sounds, (Contact Details).
Wersimatic WM24 Pres: 15 voices, 24 rhythms, fill, snare roll kit 327.00
built 587.00

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Electronics & Music Maker - Jul 1982


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