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Fast Forward

No hype, no waffle - just tomorrow's products today

Tomorrow's technology today

Product: Klark-Teknik DN320 & DN330 equalisers

Price: £610 and 645 inc VAT
Available: Now

The DN320 is a dual-channel, 16-band preset equaliser, the DN330 a single-channel, 30-band equaliser, both housed in a 1U chassis.

More from: Klark Teknik (Contact Details)

Product: Sennheiser SKM5000 radio mic system

Price: £1,830 inc VAT
Available: Now

The latest radio transmission technology is incorporated into the new SKM5000 system, which features 16 switchable transmission frequencies and a choice of capsules.

More from: Sennheiser UK (Contact Details)

Product: Yamaha QY300 music sequencer

Price: £899 inc VAT
Available: Now

The QY300 combines a 16-track sequencer with a 28-note polyphonic GM tone generator. It features 128 instruments, eight drum kits, and digital effects including reverb and delay.

More from: Yamaha-Kemble (Contact Details)

Product: Yamaha FX770 guitar multi-effects

Price: £599 inc VAT
Available: Now

An eight-stage multi-effects processor featuring 100 preset programs, 100 user programs, and effects including reverb, compression, amp simulator, and wah.

More from: Yamaha-Kemble (Contact Details)

Product: Denon DN-980F & DN-990R minidisc cart machines

Prices: £1,585 inc VAT & £2,175 inc VAT
Available: Now

These new cart machines are based on Denon's popular CD cart player and are intended for use in broadcast, post-production, theatre, and installations.

More from: Hayden Labs (Contact Details)

Product: Yamaha QY8 music sequencer

Price: £225 inc VAT
Available: Now

Featuring a 'gameboy'-type case, the QY8 combines a sequencer with a 28-voice, 16-part multitimbral sound source which contains 40 instruments and 58 drum sounds.

More from: Yamaha-Kemble (Contact Details)

Product: dbx 160A compressor

Price: £465
Available: July '94

An improved version of the 160X and XT models, the 160A features an improved signal path, higher quality connections, and a stronger, lighter chassis.

More from: Harman Audio (Contact Details)

Product: CP EMS 500 series rack cases

Prices: Various
Available: Now

These new modular rack cases are made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate, and enable deep equipment of up to 480mm to be accommodated. A choice of 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15U heights are available.

More from: CP Cases (Contact Details)

Product: Korg X2 workstation keyboard

Price: £1,599 inc VAT
Available: Now

Essentially an extended-keyboard version of the established X3, the X2 features a 76-note keyboard, four outputs, 341 multisounds, 164 drum sounds, two stereo effects systems and a 16-track sequencer.

More from: Korg UK (Contact Details)

Product: ARX Systems EQ60 graphic EQ

Price: £966 inc VAT
Available: Aug '94

Based on low-noise circuit technology, the EQ60 features switchable ±15dB or ±6dB of equalisation on centre-grounding damped sliders, with a signal-to-noise ratio of-94dB unweighted and a dynamic range of 118dB.

More from: MTR (Contact Details)

Product: Roxburgh ALPS motorised fader

Price: £TBC
Available: Aug '94

With the emphasis on smooth operational feel and high-precision characteristics, this new 'shuttle' fader comes in 100mm, 104mm and 60mm versions, and has a speed of 100mm per 0.1 secs.

More from: Roxburgh (Contact Details)

Product: Citronic RS16 & RS32 samplers

Prices: £299 & £349 inc VAT
Available: Aug '94

These two samplers are the latest in the line of Citronics Series 16 sampler range, and have 16 seconds and 32 seconds respectively, configurable into four and eight individual memory banks.

More from: Citronic (Contact Details)

Product: Digital Domain SPDEdit

Price: £299 inc VAT
Available: Now

A hardware/software package for the Atari Falcon 030 that allows the editing of digitally recorded stereo material (on CD, DAT, DCC, minidisc etc). The hardware supports the Sony Philips Digital format (S/PDIF) in both co-ax and optical formats, while the software gives cut/copy/paste and region/SMPTE cuesheet editing.

More from: The Digital Village (Contact Details)

Product: Kronauer DPX1 effects processor

Price: £999 inc VAT
Available: July '94

A multi-effects effects processor that can be expanded by adding new software processing modules and extra DSP chips. The unit comes with a stereo EQ module, stereo delay module, and a compressor/limiter.

More from: Audio Awareness (Contact Details)

Product: Austin-Armstrong 412C power amp

Price: £1,610 inc VAT
Available: Now

The 412C delivers 625watts into 4ohms and 412watts into 8ohms, and is intended primarily for use in clubs, pubs and theatres.

More from: Austin-Armstrong (Contact Details)

Product: Akai CD3000 CD-ROM sampler

Price: £2,799 inc VAT
Available: August

Due to customer requests, the CD3000 now comes with analogue inputs, so analogue sampling is now possible in addition to digital sampling via the built-in CD/CD-ROM player. The CD3000 comes with seven CD-ROMs, including both the S1000 and S1100 sound libraries. Existing CD3000 owners can have the analogue inputs fitted for £299 inc VAT.

More from: Akai UK (Contact Details)

Product: Richard Allan RA8M monitors

Price: £229 inc VAT
Available: Now

Originally designed for the BBC, the RA8M is a further development of the RA8 series II, and has been repackaged as a nearfield studio monitor. The low price quoted is when buying direct from Richard Allan, the shop price being £369.

More from: Richard Allan (Contact Details)

Product: BBE 362 NR Sonic Maximiser

Price: £320 inc VAT
Available: Now

The 362 is a combined single-ended noise reduction system and sonic maximiser, which compensates for the delay in high frequencies that occurs when sound is played through a loudspeaker.

More from: Music & Audio Distribution (Contact Details)

Product: Rayfield Panda J1 processor/analyser

Price: £1939 inc VAT
Available: Now

A general-purpose processor and analyser for digital audio signals. It provides a sophisticated set of tools for processing digital audio, including pre-emphasis stripping, DC filtering and level control, and psychoacoustic noise shaping, all in a handheld unit.

More from: Audio Design (Contact Details)

Product: Seiko Soundproducer stopwatch

Price: £149 inc VAT
Available: Aug '94

This digital stopwatch is intended for studio professionals and offers time calculations by adding and subtracting in hours, minutes, and seconds.

More from: About-Time Limited (Contact Details)

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The Mix - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


The Mix - Jul 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman


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