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Fast Forward

No hype, no waffle - just tomorrow's products today

Tomorrow’s hot products previewed

PRODUCT: ARX Six-Gate Noise Gate System

PRICE: £483

Upgraded version of ARX six channel noise gate system. Includes new low distortion circuitry and electronically balanced outputs. All channels have 3 gate controls: release, depth and threshold.

More from: TCI (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Martin MEQ-932 Preamplifier.


Outboard version of onboard acoustic guitar preamplification system.

Features master volume control, 6 preset equalization modes, and bass, colour, wave and treble EO slider controls to modify presets. Accepts XLR and 1/4" jackplugs, which can be used simultaneously.

More from: Dreadnought Guitar Company (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Tektronix Profile Digital Disk Recorder


Designed for video and audio, this recorder contains the new 'Intelligent Compression' system and claims to have visual output quality equal to that of the Sony Betacam, and audio output of compact disc quality.

More from: Tektronix (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: E-mu ESI-32 Digital sampling Instrument

PRICE: Sub-£1400

The ESI-32 offers Emulator IIIx audio resolution, and is fully compatible with Emulator IIIx, Emax II, and Akai S1000/S1100 sound libraries. This 32-voice sampler has four polyphonic outputs, ten sample-playback keys, and can be expanded to 32MB of internal RAM.

More from: E-mu Systems, (Contact Details).

PRODUCT: 'Otto' Automation for Mackie CR-1604 Mic/Line Mixers

PRICE: £599

The Otto 1604 uses continuous controllers and MIDI note on/off to produce realtime fader and mute operation via MIDI commands. The external module provides 80 snapshot memories to store various fader level settings for later recall. Can be used with any sequencer with graphic controls or with a Mac running 'Otto mix' mixer software.

More from: FX Rentals (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: E-mu Classic Keys


Classic Keys is a rackmount sample-playback module, featuring a wide range of analogue synths and keyboard sounds taken from the original Vintage Keys. Now for the figures: 8 MB of samples, 512 preset sounds, 32-voice polyphony, 24 programmable effects.

More from: E-mu, (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Fane Acoustics Classic K Series Loudspeaker.

PRICE: 12"-£62 (Cast) and £59.50 (Pressed)

12" 300 Watt chassis offering high power handling and wide frequency response designed for more compact 2-way systems. 15" model also available.

More from: Adam Hall (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Shure M367 Portable Mixer

PRICE: £695

A 6 input, portable microphone mixer designed for use in ENG, electronic field production and general audio mixing. Handles up to 6 mic or line signals and can be used with any balanced dynamic or condenser microphone. Includes LEDs, detachable power chord, 2 XLR outputs, battery compartment and headphones monitor circuit.

More from: HW International (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: BCK K60 & K120 keyboard amplification systems


The K60 & K120 systems consist of two speaker cabs, one incorporating a stereo amp and controls, the other acting as a slave. The amps are rated at 60W/channel (K60) and 120W/channel (K120), and both have two pairs of stereo inputs.

More from: BCK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: HHB Bit Box CD-R Optimiser

PRICE: £699

Designed for transferring audio from DAT to CD-R and back again, it translates 'Start ID' markers from a DAT source to corresponding CD-R track increment flags, and automatically converts the sampling rate to CD standard 44.1KHz.

More from: HHB (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Yamaha YS215E PA Cabs

PRICE: £189

This 2-way cabinet contains a 15" woofer and a high frequency horn driver with HF dispersion. The cabinet delivers response from 55 to 20,000 Hz and has 98dB sensitivity. Design features include parallel jack and XLR connectors, scratch resistant covering, removable metal protection grilles and locking corner caps.

More from: Yamaha (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Oktava MK011 Condenser Microphone

PRICE: £299

This is a fixed pattern, cardioid condenser microphone, designed for hand-held or stand-mounted use. It's housing is similar in design to a dynamic stage microphone to give performance durability with capacitor performance. The capsule gives a gentle presence rise while maintaining the vocalist's natural sound. Microphone is fitted with an integral pop shield, has a frequency response of 20Hz, impedance of 240 ohms, and works with 48V phantom power.

More from: AS McKay (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Philip Rees MTR MIDI line driver

PRICE: £99

The MTR MIDI line driver overcomes the fifteen-metre limit of standard MIDI hardware. The system is bi-directional, consisting of two transceiver units - one has a built-in mains supply, and the other is phantom-powered from the line.

More from: Philip Rees (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: CS2 Dual Compressor/Limiter With Noise Gate

PRICE: £299

The CS2 offers 2 independent channels of compression or limiting with a noise gate in a 1U steel chassis. Features include: balanced inputs and outputs, tube emulation circuitry, full metering, detector loops and threshold indicators for the compression circuit and noise gate. Channels include controls for compressor threshold, ratio, attack, release, and output level.

More from: Harman Audio (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sennheiser SKM1032 radio mic

PRICE: £616

The SKM1032 is a compact hand-held VHF radio transmitter, and has a supercardioid mic capsule offering impressive audio quality and feedback rejection. Frequency response is 80Hz-20kHz, and maximum SPL tolerance is 140dB.

More from: Sennheiser (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Allen & Heath GL4 Live Mixer

PRICE: 24 ch.-£5,756; 32 ch.-£7,636; 40 ch.-£9,046

An 8 bus FOH and 10 bus on-stage monitor mixer with capability for stereo, mono and 8-track recording. System has mode switches to change between FOH and monitor mode and includes dedicated mono bus with sub grouping from left and right, 8 aux returns with fader control, 2 matrix outs, 8 group outputs and 8 mute groups with channel safes and MIDI.

More from: Harman Audio (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Soundtracs Megas 2 Stage and Megas 2 Monitor Mixing Consoles

PRICE: Stage, 8 bus: 24 ch.-£7,635; 32 ch.-£9,181; 40 ch.-£10,464; 48 ch.-£11,949; Monitor, 12 bus: 24 ch.-£6,780; 32 ch.-£8,190; 40 ch.-£9,250

The Stage version is a professional 8 bus desk, designed specifically for live performance sound mixing. A Monitor version is also available and, and has 12 buses.

More from: Soundtracs (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sonovista Sound To Video Effects Generator

PRICE: £3,995

Based on the Atari Falcon, Sonovista takes an audio input, reacts to it with colour visuals, and sends it out via a video output. The imagery consists of artist designed pictures and some fractals. The machine works with colour-cycling and uses MS DOS.

More from: BCS (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: ART ECC Effects Command Centre

PRICE: £399

This is a new guitar multi effects processor. Effects include distortion, compression, 5 band EQ, noise gate, speaker simulator, flanger, chorus, pan, tremolo, pitch transposer, delay and reverb.

EEC has 50 factory presets which are user programmable, up to 8 simultaneous effects, 2 octaves of pitch transposition, a programmable effects loop and generates MIDI program change messages.

More from: Harman Audio (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Omniphonics Footprint Series 75 Power Amplifier

PRICE: £381

Power amplifier designed for monitoring in home recording studios and smaller professional installations. Includes a toroidal transformer to enhance sound quality, balanced inputs via XLR connectors and an output of 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, 75 Watts into 4 Ohms.

More from: Beyerdynamic (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Re an Cabinet Hardware

PRICE: c. £2

This is a large new range of cabinet fittings including recessed carrying handles, strap handles, corners, stacking corners, recessed jack sockets and ventilation covers.

More from: Re an (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Tektronix WFM91 PAL Waveform/Vector/Picture/Audio Monitor and TSG NTsc/PAL Signal Generator


Hand-held units for signal testing and verification. Designed for use in field and behind-the-rack operations.

More from: Tektronix (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Re an Re-designed Jack Sockets


Available in mono and stereo formats, both switched and unswitched, Re an jack sockets utilise nickel silver or gold for all contacts. Sockets come in plastic or chrome and herdwire and PCB versions are also available.

More from: Re an (Contact Details)

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The Mix - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


The Mix - Oct 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Chris Needham, James Perrett


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