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IT Cat eats month - shock horror probe etc.

O.K. - so what kept you? I know that's what you're thinking, sitting there wondering what on Earth happened to your latest issue of IT. No, this one's not late because we don't like getting up in the mornings (we don't, of course, but that's another story!). Neither have we gone broke; so hard luck, all you other mags who hate us for doing for free what they charge £1 or more for! Neither did the IT Cat eat February! (he tried, but we diverted his attention with his rubber squeaky ad-salesman!)

The truth is that this issue of IT has been stricken with the Curse of the British Rail Timetable since we began work on it (sometime back in the 1840s?). The disappearance of half the musical instrument industry to the Frankfurt trade fair meant that getting hold of review product, information, news, ad. copy and so on was like trying to extract teeth from a werewolf. Next, the 'Great 'Flu Epidemic of 1985' laid low our esteemed art editor - and that cost us a fortune in Guinness and back issues of the Beano to keep him on his feet. Finally - yes, you guessed it! Our new computers (which we've only been expecting to arrive for the past two months) didn't, just as our old ones decided they"d like a holiday. It was back to wax tablets and a stylus for the next week!

So, sorry - this IN TUNE's a bit late, but we plan to be back on schedule from now on. How can I be so confident? Because we've found the wax doll with the pins in it!

Anyway, back to the madhouse. Apologies to the few readers who were disappointed when we ran out of those super £15 Akai mikes which featured in last month's IN TUNE special offer. We did say that we had a limited supply, but we honestly thought that we'd have enough to go round. Little did we know the ability of IT readers to spot a bargain, and we ran short, just past the 125 mark! We're dreadfully sorry about this - we had no idea we'd sell so many! We'll make sure that we have bigger supplies of future 'IT madness' special offers - and we've got some crackers in the pipeline for you in future issues, believe me! Meanwhile, if we can lay our paws on any more of those Akai mikes we'll let you know.

This month we've finally found time to start looking at the massive amounts of info. you've given us about yourselves on your free subscription registration forms. Just for interest's sake we thought you might like to know that (to date) our most Northerly readers live in the Faroe islands and our furthest South readers must be those serving in H.M. Navy in the South Atlantic! The IT family has grown amazingly fast and across a huge area. Even better news is the massive spread of ages, musical styles, instruments played and interest groups. To us, music is music - and it doesn't matter what your tastes are. Most musicians have similar problems and needs, and that's where we want to help - by giving information, not 'pop star' features on what colour socks (stockings?) Boy George prefers. Obviously, this has set us a mammoth task in trying to cater for such a wide range of tastes, so please bear with us. We're searching hard for new writers to cover all your needs, but it'll take time. Our ambition is to be able to offer something for all musicians - but we'll need more editorial space, new writers and some time to do it all Meanwhile, IT is growing in influence and stature, and it won't, hopefully, be too long before we can start approaching that goal.

Please do keep your letters coming in, too. We're trying to reply to each of them, but we've been getting around 100 letters a day for 10-15 days per month thus far - and if we tried to reply to all of your encouraging comments there'd never be another IN TUNE at all! I do promise, though, that every letter we receive is read and digested - and they taste luvverly!

Anyway, the IT Cat looks like he's about to try sharpening his claws on the JayDee review bass, so I'd better go and let him use my leg instead. See you next month.

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In Tune - Copyright: Moving Music Ltd.


In Tune - Apr 1985

Donated by: Gordon Reid


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