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Article from Making Music, July 1987

Ah July, the time of year when lots of people go on holiday, right? Not least our Calendar Department, who I can just see scurrying out the door with their buckets, spades and sun-blocker (they're going for the deeply fashionable white-as-a-sheet look, apparently - shouldn't be a prob as they're going to the top of the Julian Alps in Yugoslavia).

But what's this? A slip of paper has fallen from their pocket in the doorway. Hold on... mmm, it's the highlights from this month's missing calendar. Want to hear it? "Yes!!" screams editor Paul Colbert. OK, birthday card list first: Brian May will hit a 'mature' 40 on the 19th; Andy 'Depeche' Fletcher is 26 and Ringo Starr 48 on the 7th; Mick Jagger will be 44 (and the rest) on the 26th; Martin 'Mode' Gore is 26 and Andy 'Roxy' Mackay 42 on the 23rd; and on the 9th Marc Almond will be 31 and Jim Kerr at least 28. "But what about Kate Bush?" pleads assistant editor Tony Bacon. OK all right, she'll be getting perilously close to 30 on (suitably) the 30th. "Only 29..." sulks the asst ed grumpily.

But what news from reviews editor Jon Lewin? "Two things," he says, "There was a band called July on the Major Minor label in the 1960s. This month is called July after Gaius Julius Caesar, who was born in it. And... three things... the Juilliard School of Music was founded in New York in 1924." Yes, thanks Jon, fascinating as ever. Lastly, production assistant Carol Irving is not satisfied. "You left the best bits out of the calendar," she complains. "Bob Dylan broke his neck in a motorbike crash on the 29th, unfortunately 21 years ago, and on the 3rd, both Brian Jones and Jim Morrison died, Bri underwater in 1969, Jim under alcohol in 1971. Poor wee things."

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Making Music - Jul 1987


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