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Keyboard Buyers Guide

In this, the next of our Buyers Guides we look at electric pianos, string synths and electric keyboards in general.

Beyond the normal gamut of synthesisers, listed in the last buyers' guide, are the next two most important keyboard instruments for the modern player: the electric or electronic piano, and the preset string synthesiser. Once again, there are many varied types to choose from, as you will see from our listing — you can get a kit that you'll have to assemble yourselves, or you can pay a lot of money for a real top-line job, in both areas. Or you can go for something in between. Our advice, as ever, is to make sure that you get plenty of demos of the various instruments in your price range before committing yourself, and get as many opinions — as diverse as possible — from fellow musicians.

To guide you and your purse through the myriad collection of keyboards that, next to synths, often come under the generic heading 'other keyboards', we've split this month's buyers guide into the two relevant bits: one headed 'Electric and Electronic Pianos', the other 'Preset String Synths+'. The little plus on the end of string synths is there because we've included some combination keyboards where necessary.

All the prices are INCLUSIVE OF VAT, and were correct at press time as recommended retail figures. We suggest that you check with the distributor listed for current bargains. Our descriptions are necessarily brief, but once again you'll find the distributors helpful for more info. Please remember it helps us if you mention E&MM when making enquiries.

approx — approximately; avail — available; br — brass; oct — octave; org — organ; polysynth — polyphonic synthesiser section; spkr — speaker; str — strings.



CBL Musical Instruments Ltd, (Contact Details).
Armonpiano II 5oct C-C 299.00
Superpiano 6oct F-F 395.00
Superpiano + cabinet 595.00
Compact 5 oct 239.00


Clef Products (Electronics) Ltd, (Contact Details).
Domestic 'furniture style' 7¼oct 675.00
Complete kit (inc cabinet) of above 399.90
Domestic 6oct 595.00
Complete kit of above 363.90
'Stand' piano 7¼oct 635.00
Complete kit of above 377.00
Stage 6oct 530.00
Complete kit of above 349.00
7¼oct component kit 244.00
6oct component kit 217.00


Sovereign Organs Ltd, (Contact Details)
Montreal 294.00
EM61 331.00


Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments, (Contact Details)
TS55 Stage 5oct 537.00
TS55T Stage 5oct Teak finish 579.00
TS55L Stage 5oct Teak amp + speaker 647.00
TS66T Stage 6oct Teak 737.00
TS66L Stage 6oct Teak amp + speaker 822.00


H/H Electronic, (Contact Details)
P73 5oct 1187.14


M Hohner Ltd, (Contact Details)
Pianet T 265.00
Clavinet E7 325.00
Duo (Pianet/Clavinet) 495.00
Legs for either of above instruments 57.50
Pianet M 465.00


Arthur Butler & Co Ltd, (Contact Details)
EP308 7¼oct 2995.00
EP308S hand built, transparent 7¼oct 7850.00


Rose-Morris & Co Ltd, (Contact Details)
LP10 5oct 425.00


CBS/Arbiter Ltd, (Contact Details)
Stage 54 790.26
Stage 73 944.14
Stage 88 1193.69
Suitcase 73 top 863.03
Suitcase 88 top 1019.00
Suitcase enclosure 586.44


Roland (UK) Ltd, (Contact Details)
MP600 5¼oct 699.00
HP60 5oct 499.00
HP70 6¼oct + chorus 599.00
Piano Plus 11 5oct + rhythms 345.00
Piano Plus 30 5oct + arpeggio 299.00


John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd, (Contact Details).
PR05 Piano 5oct C-C 199.00
T77 5oct C-C 399.00


Aura Sounds Ltd, (Contact Details).
Also Electro-Voice, (Contact Details).
Pianostar T 6oct, various voices and effects 1917.00
Pianostar T kit As above 1115.00
Pianostar S 7oct, various voices and effects 1977.00
Pianostar S kit As above 1197.00


Wurlitzer UK Ltd, (Contact Details).
EP200A Mains 735.00
EP200B Battery-operated 735.00


Yamaha Musical Instruments, (Contact Details).
CP10 5oct 389.00
CP11 5oct spkr/rhythms avail May/June 429.00 approx
CP20 5oct, 4 voices 899.00
CP25 5oct, flanger etc avail May/June 1279.00 approx
CP30 6¼oct, 3 voices 1299.00
CP35 6oct avail May/June 1679.00 approx
CP70B 6oct electric grand 3699.00
CP80 7¼oct electric grand 3949.00



Clef Products (Electronics) Ltd, (Contact Details).
String Ensemble 4oct component kit only 179.00
Casing for above 49.00


Elka-Orla UK Ltd, (Contact Details).
Twin 61 5oct polysynth/br/str etc 975.00


Sisme (UK) Ltd, (Contact Details).
749 String Concert 4oct 499.00
849 Symphony str/br etc 4oct 599.00


M Hohner Ltd, (Contact Details).
Orchestra String Performer 695.00
Legs for above 57.50


Arthur Butler & Co Ltd, (Contact Details).
Strings 3oct 565.00


Rose-Morris & Co Ltd, (Contact Details).
Delta polysynth/str 4oct 775.00
Lambda br/org/str etc 4oct 1199.00
Micropreset br/str etc 320.00


11 Forth Wynd, (Contact Details).
Opus 3 str/org/br 4oct POA


Phonosonics, (Contact Details).
SET77 String Ensemble kit 214.47


Powertran Electronics, (Contact Details).
Transcendent DPX 5oct str/br etc 339.25


Roland (UK) Ltd, (Contact Details).
RS09 org/str 3¾oct 525.00
VP330 Vocoder/str 4oct 1299.00


John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd, (Contact Details).
EX300 strings 4oct C-C 649.00


Yamaha Musical Instruments, (Contact Details).
SK10 org/str/br 4oct 429.00
SK15 polysynth/org/str avail May/June 749.00 approx
SK20 org/str etc 1089.00
SK30 org/str etc 5oct 2069.00
SK50D org/str etc 2x5oct 2799.00

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