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Following many, many years of manufacturing turntables, hifi systems, record players and the like, Dual have introduced their first truly portable product - the PCP1 Autoreverse personal cassette player with Dolby B and stereo.

As well as featuring the two important facilities of Dolby B and Autoreverse, Dual's PCP1 has metal tape capability, two headphone sockets for companionable listening and a mute switch to facilitate conversation. The autoreverse can be set to reverse once or to play continuously. The PCP1 is styled and finished in khaki and dark brown. Its power comes from four pen cells providing long life and more hours of listening pleasure.

With a recommended retail price of only £69.95 Dual's PCP1 comes complete with carrying case, strap and a pair of miniature folding headphones.

Hayden Laboratories Limited, (Contact Details).

As the latest addition to its product range, Rank Strand Sound have now been appointed by MB Electronic GmbH of West Germany as exclusive UK distributors for their microphones and accessories.

The range falls broadly into two categories, dynamic and electret, and these microphones are aimed at the live music and home recording markets.

The consider microphones available either by components or in mono or stereo sets are for more professional live applications and studio use. A choice of capsules for different configurations plus unique accessories such as a "Jecklin disc" for stereo recording, attenuators etc, are offered to suit a variety of requirements.

A wide range of stands and adaptors completes the range and all products are precision built to the high standard traditionally expected from a German manufacturer.

For further details and prices, contact Rank Strand Sound, (Contact Details).

Atlantex Music Ltd., UK distributors for MXR Innovations, have announced that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in Houston, USA, has installed a MXR Digital Time Delay Model 175 in its ground based space shuttle communication control centre.

It will be used as an important part of the communications system for synchronising the Video and Audio communications received from the Astronauts during space flight.

A powered mixer, the first in the UK to provide sophisticated console level standards in a portable system, has been introduced by Toa Electronics Limited.

Combining easy operation and installation with a tough hard-wearing design the MX-106 can be used in even the most demanding live performances.

The lightweight six input channel system, which costs £590, featuring a special graphics equaliser that tailors sound and quality levels to meet various different requirements. The internal power amplifier is rated at 120 watts into 8 ohms, 200 into 4, and 300 into a 2 ohm load.

Other facilities include auxiliary input controls, an analog echo delay and fluorescent high intensity bar graph output meters.

Toa Electronics Limited is the new independent UK division of the multinational Toa sound and communications empire which has been involved with voice communication technology for 40 years. For further information contact Toa Electronics Limited, (Contact Details).

A joint-venture company is in the process of being formed to distribute Nakamichi products in the United Kingdom and Eire. The new company, which will have an equal shareholding by B&W Loudspeakers and Nakamichi Corporation, will be fully operational with effect from 1st January 1984.

In the interim period, B&W Loudspeakers (U.K. Sales) Ltd. will assume responsibility for all sales and service in the U.K. on behalf of the Nakamichi Corporation.

Nakamichi already successfully distribute B&W products in Japan, and this new joint-venture company in the U.K. will enhance two complementary manufacturers in the audio field.

For further information from B&W Loudspeakers (U.K. Sales) Ltd., (Contact Details).

Service: B&W Loudspeakers (U.K. Sales) Ltd., (Contact Details).

A new portable stage speaker system has been introduced by Electro-Voice, the Stage 200. It is a constant directivity speaker system suited to any environment in which you are looking for a discreet sound source of high quality. It can also be used for stage monitoring applications.

Housed in a black moulded plastic cabinet with a grey grille, the 16 Kg, 38 x 61 x 22 cm w/h/d system is capable of reproducing sound pressure levels of 120dB at 1 metre on axis. The S-200 provides a well-defined 100° horizontal and vertical coverage zone of acoustic output in the critical range from 500 to 10,000 Hz. The result is a uniform audience without hot spots or dead zones at certain frequencies.

The S-200 is equipped with a high-output version of EV's Super-Dome tweeter coupled to a high-frequency section is made of the newly developed EVM Pro-Line 12S which, thanks to new heat-resistance voice coil materials and proprietary manufacturing techniques, can handle and incredible 300 watts continuous power (per EIA Standard RS-426). The computer designed woofer and optimally-vented enclosure make for a combination of compactness, extended bass and high-frequency response and low distortion that is unsurpassed by any other speaker system of this size, the manufacturer claims.

The system's crossover network is a 12dB/octave dual section type with crossover point at 2,000 Hz.

The S-200 can be used with or without an external equaliser. Without it the frequency response ranges from 90 to 18,000Hz +3dB, making the system suited to many applications. The optional active equaliser expands the bass response to 50 Hz. A third equalisation possibility exists: that of switching the speaker to the high-output mode without the active equaliser, which permits the use of the S-200 as a highly efficient floor monitor.

Further information from: Shuttle Sound, (Contact Details).

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