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Who, What, Where & When...

IT Winners get Roland Goodies

Two lucky IN TUNE readers - Mark Townsend, from Weston Coyney, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs and Brian Richardson from St. Ives, Cambridgeshire - are currently enjoying the fruits of their successes, having been the first two correct entries pulled out of the hat in our first issues 'Win a Roland Playbus or HM-2 Heavy Metal Pedal' competition.

Mark won first prize - the fabulous HA-5 Roland Playbus, complete with a set of Roland RH11-M stereo headphones, and runner-up Brian won the much sought-after Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal Pedal. Congratulations!

Readers still puzzling over the questions will be relieved, no doubt, to see the correct answers given below!

1 - Roland's recent U.K Tour was called 'The Roland Roadshow' (answer B). 2 - Roland's Boss DD-2 Digital Delay pedal has a delay time of 12.5-800ms (answer 'True'). 3 - Roland GR707/GR700 Guitar Synth fan Andy Summers plays with Police (answer C). 4 - Roland's new modular synth. system is headed by the MKB-1000 (answer 'True'), and 5 - the Roland TR909 is a rhythm unit (answer C).

Next month we'll be announcing the winner of Issue 2's 'Win a Pro-Amp Voodoo' competition. In the meantime, why not have a bash at this month's fabulous free entry IT comp?


Apologies to avid followers of Chris May's popular Making It feature on guitar making which has had to be left out this month because Chris is so busy building his Overwater guitars and basses that he missed our deadline (no, we're not kidding Chris is, by all accounts, selling every Overwater that he can make!).

However, in the next issue of IT Chris will resume his series with part 3 - this time on design. Watch this space!


Devotees of Roland's popular Cube series of mini-combos should keep their eyes open for a brand new series of 'Super Cubes', just coming onto the market. Six models are on the way - three for guitar and three for bass, in 40, 60 and 100 watt version. Recommended retail prices (inc. VAT) for the new models (guitar) are as follows: SCL40 £245, SCL60 £275 and SCXL100 £375. The equivalent bass models are the SCB40 (£225), SCB60 (£295) and SCB100 (£365). That's all we're going to tell you about the Super Cubes for now, because IT hopes to be reviewing some next month!

Players who favour the Roland JC series are also getting a new model - the JC77. Delivering 2x40 watts into two 10" speakers, the JC77 features twin inputs (high and low sensitivity) plus a 4-band tone stage, reverb, distortion, chorus rate and depth. Price is to be £475.

More details of all Roland amps can be obtained from Roland (U.K.) Ltd., (Contact Details).

Peavey Add Bass Highs

Users of Peavey's Bass Mk. 3, or Mk. 4 bass amps. Session 500, TNT 130, Combo 300, KE400 (and other) amps offering crossover facilities for bi-amping should checkout their new 210 powered enclosure.

With two 10" Scorpion speakers and a power amp delivering 210 watts RMS, the new 210 is designed to run on crossover frequencies between 250 and 500Hz. It provides main power amp and aux. power amp inputs, a variable level control, plus external speaker jack, the latter of which will enable up to 300 watts RMS to be fed to 2 Ohm extension speakers.

The Peavey 210 is designed, primarily, to offer instant bi-amping facilities, handling higher frequencies while existing combo speakers (or outboard speakers of a larger size) handle the bass notes.

More info on all Peavey gear direct from Peavey Electronics (U.K.) Ltd., (Contact Details).


Cancel that week's holiday in Bognor Regis during August IT readers, because what looks like being Britain's most exciting exhibition of musical instrument and equipment is now certain to take place on August 2nd., 3rd. and 4th. at London's Olympia 2.

Previous shows organised by the musical instrument industry's trade association (AMI) have traditionally been closed to the playing public - entrance reserved for music retailers only. Attempts have been made in the past to get the annual event opened to the public (notably at Birmingham's NEC in 1982 and, before that, at Olympia in the late seventies). Internal politics, cost factors and whatever have meant that shows since Birmingham have been 'Trade only', but this year's event (stand space for which is already being booked like nobody's business, we hear on the grapevine) will have three trade exclusive dates (July 30th/31 st and August 1st.) before throwing its doors open to let the rest of us in to see what looks like one of the best collections of gear ever assembled under one U.K. roof.

More details (of course!) will be forthcoming from IN TUNE as we receive them - in the meantime, keep those dates free, won't you!


Watch out for anyone offering you a ROTOSOUND Jonas Hellborg bass amp or speaker cab - it's quite possible that they've been stolen from IN TUNE!

One of the only samples in the U.K of these brand new ultra-luxury bass combos, fitted with twin 12" speakers and a matching 1x15" extension cabinet were stolen from our premises during the night of Thursday 21st February, and (as these items are only just on the verge of appearing on the U.K. market) the chances of the stolen ones being easy to 'place' aren't all that high.

IN TUNE is offering a reward for any information leading to the recovery of these two units and (if you like) you can contact us anonymously. Just 'phone us (24 hours a day) on (Contact Details), or drop us a line at IN TUNE, (Contact Details). If you can identify yourself we're offering a reward. Alternatively, you can contact Alan Penney at James How Industries of (Contact Details) or, of course, any Police station in your area.

Thefts of musical instruments and equipment are a serious problem for all of us, and we'd really appreciate your help in finding these - if it helps convince thieves that ripping-off musical equipment doesn't pay, then that can only be good for us all. And, of course, if you ever need our help in announcing thefts, and getting everyone on the look-out for your stolen gear, don't ever hesitate to contact us. We've got to stand together on this one!


Great news for players contemplating the Roland GR-700 guitar synth. system, but wanting to use Gibson guitars with it. We've just received details of two fabulous-looking Gibson newcomers, both fitted with full interface facilities for the Roland system; the Les Paul/Synthesiser and the Explorer/Synthesiser. Starting with the Les Paul, this features the time honoured mahogany body with a carved maple neck and multiple binding around the top. The neck is a one-piece quartersawn Northern rock maple type, with a bound ebony fingerboard. The pickups (gold plated, of course!) comprise two 'Pat Appl. for' humbuckers alongside a Roland 601 hexaphonic unit. Master vol. and tone controls, pickup selector plus onboard controls for the GR707 are also fitted. Connections comprise a 24 pin socket for the GR707 and a standard 1/4" jack, both mounted on the rim.

The Explorer/Synthesiser has a solid American hardwood body with a one-piece quartersawn Northern rock maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 22 frets and so on. The rest of the details are the same as for the Les Paul/Synth.

Simultaneously, Gibson have announced a considerable range of new models - all of which appeared at the recent Frankfurt Trade Fair. Among these are the new 'Alpha' Series guitars, which comprise three new twin cutaway offset-body models, in one, two and three pickup versions (the Q100, Q200 and Q300), all of which use Kahler locking tremolo systems. There are also two new similarly Kahler equipped variations on the Explorer theme, the XPL CST and XPL STD. These latter models aren't quite normal Explorers though, as they feature rounded cutouts on the bottom of the bodies and appear to have longer 'points' on the bottom bouts - pretty tasty, we reckon!

Yet more new Gibsons come in the 'By Special Request' range and feature some long sought-after introductions and variations of existing models. Originally only produced to special order, the new Gibsons include a double cutaway Les Paul with an Explorer-shaped headstock (the Les Paul DC XPL), the Flying V XPL featuring black hardware, Kahler tremolo and Explorer headstock, a new Explorer model, also with black hardware including a Kahler trem, a new Explorer Bass and new Spirit 1 and 2 models both with Explorer headstocks, bound tops and Gibson 'Supertune'/Kahler trem units. Neither prices nor U.K. delivery dates for these new Gibsons were available at the time of going to Press, but we're in line for review samples just as soon as we can get our greedy hands on them, and will let you know as soon as any firm details emerge.

More details from Gibson's U.K Importers, Rosetti & Co. Ltd., (Contact Details).


Hull-based Greyhound Cases, makers of some of the toughest flightcases around, are opening a new retail shop. In addition to selling their own range of standard and custom built flight cases (for just about every instrument imaginable), the shop offers speaker enclosures, which you can either buy minus speakers, or have fitted with whatever type you choose. Greyhound will even undertake specially designed and made enclosures for customers.

Although the new shop won't be selling musical instruments, they will be stocking a very wide range of accessories of all kinds, including case fittings, gaffa tape, stands and so on. And even if you don't happen to live in or near Hull, Greyhound tell us that they're well set-up to undertake mail order.

You can find the new Greyhound shop at (Contact Details).

IT Reviewer In Royale Mess!

Just because he's currently playing in four bands at once is no excuse for Pete Randall to have misled IT readers in last month's review on the Premier Royale APK Kit!

In a moment of madness, he claimed that the bass drum on this kit measures 22"x14". As even the mice in the office skirting-board know, the APK has a 22"x16" bass drum! Just to compound matters, Pete praised the APK for having a cut-out in the front head of the bass drum, whereas in fact (as our photo showed) it's an all-black head, with no cut-out! Apologies to Premier and misled readers - Pete's punishment for this misdemeanour is a six-week tour of Albania backing Max Bygraves!

Siel's Kin

Brand new from top Italian synth and software people Siel are new keyboard units and yet more software to add to their rapidly growing range.

The new synth is the handsome DK80 (described by the makers as a 'dynamic; bitimbric synthesiser' due to sell for RRP £699) which offers 12 voices; double sound generation, stereo, a 61 note touch-sensitive keyboard, MIDI facilities, 50 factory programmes (40 permanent & 10 editable), 87 accessible parameters, up to 150 programmes on line, with 2-track 'real time' polyphonic MIDI sequencer capability. Offering 61 keys, the DK80 has various optional extras, including a folding stand, hard case, RAM pack, ROM pack, MIDI Computer Interface, cables and a programmable multi-function pedal.

The most important 'extra', however, is likely to be the EX80 Expander (RRP £399). The 19" rack mountable EX80 features 8 voices (4+4 in double mode), internal memory with 50 programmes plus external memories housing up to 100 programmes (with optional RAM and ROM cartridges). Fully programmable, the EX80 is, in principle, a real-time poly sequencer capable of storing up to 300 notes. The sequence can be sent in MIDI mode to other MIDI synths or to a MIDI peripheral unit. Hopefully, a closer look at this, plus the DK80, will be possible in IT in the not too distant future.

On the software side, the following introductions have also been made by Siel, mainly for the Commodore CBM64 with but some of the programmes for Sinclair"s ZX Spectrum. A data base synth (£39.65, CBM disc/cassette and Spectrum cassette) can store 250 programmes for use with most MIDI equipped synths (excepting Yamaha's DX series). There's a digital echo/delay (CBM disc/cassette only) at £54.35 offering programmable delay from 5-2,000 ms. and a fair bit more besides. Keyboard Tracking comes next, (CBM only, at £65.00) for programmable split points, with programme and MIDI channel control on each split point etc, and there's also a 'Graphic Editor' programme for the DK80 and EX80 (see above) at £54.35 in both CBM and Spectrum formats - which delivers high res. graphics of the synth parameter panel, instant access to sound stored in the synth graphic display and control over both digital envelope generator, waveform and footage and so on.

Siel (U.K) Ltd can be contacted for more info, at (Contact Details).

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