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On Tape

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1. Pink Pot Pourri

© Kissing The Pink
Rounding off this month's selection on tape, a special piece of music from synth-boppers Kissing the Pink, who blend high passion with lo-tech, technology.

2. Starflight 500

© Andrew McKernan/Chris Jordan, Acorn
...the Beeb is now a serious musical proposition. The marvellous MUSIC 500 hardware/software system from Acorn brings together a professional M.C.L, AMPLE, and hardware specs to make your head spin, at a price the hacker in the street can manage.

3. Sample Settings

Fashionable bangs, clunks and d..d..delays from the cheapest sound sampler on the market, the Datel add-on for the 48K Spectrum Micro.

4. Wind Up Various

The first of our two demo spots features Graham Hinton spoofing the Frankie phenomenon on Hyperdrome, and Isis going for that funky pharoah beat on Body Drain

5. One In A Million

Literally. I mean, how many harmonicas you know sound like lead synths? The Millioniser 2000 does. We get our mouth around this totally unique concept. Larry Adler wouldn't like it...

6. Push The Button.

ES&CM reader Andrew Jeffes has developed a multi-channel sequencer hardware/software package for his BBC Micro and our Drum Synth project. Hear it in action driving the project, and Digisound Modular Synth components.

7. Poke The Organ Fire Sermon

The Kawai SX240, presets and piece.

8. Get it on, lay it down

The lucky logo winners, Ssuraea, and E.L.C.S.

9. Otterley The Cocteau Twins

© 4AD
An instrumental piece of music from the enigmatic threesome, to end side 1.

10. Little Reds

© Jade Warrior
Music from this month's system artists - Tony Duhig and Jon Field of Jade Warrior.

11. Horizons

© Ray Russell
The SynthAxe - After the hype surrounding it's initial launch, what's left? Well, quite a lot, actually, as the 'Axes' creator, Bill Aitken, and session player Ray Russell, demonstrate, first on some presets, and then in a piece.

12. Marking Time...

With the MK900 personal keyboard - a cheap, portable MIDI machine in combination with the ADA2FX.

13. Digi Drums Chips.

American company Digisound have already scored a hit with new sound chips for other drum machines. Now it's the turn of Sequential's Drumtraks. One of Digi Drums own demonstrators takes us through the catalog.

14. Wind Up 2

Featuring: Muscle East, and Demo of the Month, FayshalArts' The Clown - Yet another jab at America's leading film star and politician, dear old Ronnie.

15. Blue MAX

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? - In fact, Sequential's mystery machine turns out to be a computer-orientated version of the multi-timbral Sixtraks.

16. The Old Boys

Music with a selection of ageing synths, culled from our budget keyboard survey.

17. With Love From China SPK

Metal beat with a heart of steel.

18. Drum Machine Software

© Andrew Jeffers.
The BBC Program for this month's project

Recorded at Berry Farm Studios on:

Multitrack: B-16
Mixing: Raindirk Desk.
Monitoring: Tannoy Reds
Mics: Neumann AKG, Shure, Sennheiser
Effects: AKG Plate Reverb, Korg D.D.L.'s
Additional: Revox A77, B77 ¼" machines.

Thanks to: The Cocteau Twins, Kissing the Pink, Tony Duhig, S.P.K., Mark Bloxidge, Fire Sermon, Rick Davie.

Special thanks to: Digisound for all their help, and Rod Argent's Music Store, for the loan of the Drumtraks.

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Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


Electronic Soundmaker - Feb 1985

Donated & scanned by: Chris Strellis


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