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On The Net

Mail for those who can’t wait for the postman

Into the Net

There's been a lot of buzz and a lot of hype about the Internet of late. So much so, that some wags here at The Mix reckon cyber space should be renamed hype-r space.

As I'm sure you all know by now, the Internet is an almost anarchic system of linked computer networks all over the world. Using these links, you are able to communicate with other computer sites and exchange information, MIDI files and software. Based on computer protocols and largely text-led, (i.e. you initiate all communications by typing in obscure commands), the Internet has largely been the province of computer dweebs until now.

The thing that has changed all this is the World Wide Web, another set of computer protocols which uses the Internet to exchange Hypertext information. Hypertext enables you to click on any underlined or highlighted word, and links embedded into that word will take you to another address on the Web. Small icons secreted in the text will, if double-clicked, download a picture or sound file to your computer, whereupon it may be viewed or played. The magic that makes all this possible is a set of protocols called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (the http of most World Wide Web addresses).

Being a friendlier interface to the net, WWW has aroused the interest of multimedia types and record companies, with major multinational Warner leading the way. The last time I checked out their home page, I was able to download a 30 second clip of Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson's new collaboration.

Many record companies are following Warner's lead, seeing the WWW as a convenient advertising vehicle. Techno artists were here first, of course, with Mixmaster Morris, Coldcut/Hex, The Shamen, Moby, Orbital and Euro-dance funsters Yello all occupying their own segment of cyberspace.

Moby used his homepage to post the sample building-blocks of his remix competition to interested parties, and Yello have utilised their space to post samples from new release, 'How How'. They've also included a clip from one of the videos from their album.

Orbital also have plans to include a MIDI file from a future release, for further remixing by interested parties. If this level of interactivity can be maintained, instead of WWW becoming an advertising vehicle for the majors, it may fulfil its promise of being the dawn of a truly interactive medium.

Go! Discs go Interactive!

Go! Discs are unique among record company homepages in offering access to other music-related internet sites. Many of the pages featured left are accessible from Go! Discs' Link page, see right.

The label is to be applauded for its imagination. As well as viewing the usual information on Go! Disc artists like Gabrielle and Portishead, listening to their sound clips and viewing pix of the artists, Go! Discs very altruistically offer you a gateway to many other music sites.

They even invite you to add any others you may have established, or discovered yourself by emailing them at:

Go! Discs World Wide Web address is:

Communal Technology

Ambient and techno pioneer Mixmaster Morris is one of the first musicians to establish his own site on the WWW, with pages offering information about his new album Global Chillage, along with details of upcoming gigs.

Being a computer programmer, he finds it easy enough, but Morris maintains anyone who is into techno should find no difficulty either negotiating the Internet or programming hypertext pages.

"In order to create techno music you need to be capable of communing with your machines. Anyone who can hack into a synthesiser is not going to have a problem with the net," he explains. Mixmaster Morris's homepage is at:

Caught up

The Mix is in the process of establishing a site on the Web where you will be able to download samples and other files and other items of interest, prior to their publication. Once again, The Mix is your magazine and we hope to make The Mix on the net your homepage. Please e-mail us at: with any ideas or suggestions, on what you would like to see in t® mix on the net!

Music Internet sites

Following is a list of interesting music-related sites uncovered by your roving reporter in a night spent trawling the net. (Surfing is for cissies!) Most of these were found by accessing the 'ever-expanding Worldwide Web Listing'. It's a creditable stab at listing everything of musical interest on the Web, from individual band pages, to news of raves in the Northeast of England!

Mute -
E-mail -
BBS 081 964 8223

Shamens homepage:

Yello //

Coldcut/Hex: E-mail -

WWW homepage -

MIDI homepage:

The 288 top Samples: http://www.eecs.nw

The Beastie Boys:

Breakbeat & Jungle

Underground Music Archive:

Rare Groove lists:

Rephlex Stuff - Aphex Twin homepage:

The Ever Expanding Web MusicListing

Orbital ftp page:

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The Mix - Dec 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman




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