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One Two Tightened

quotes and addresses

Glenn Tillbrook on the artist/producer interface: "The longer I'm involved in the making of records, the more I realise the value of having a producer. I used to think of him as someone who got in the way and stopped things from being the way I wanted. The fact is that he helps them be more the way I want them to be." (P76)

A long time ago Mike Vickers was Manfred Mann's keyboard player. But he had an interesting premonition: "A lot of people have the wrong idea about Moogs," he said at the very end of the 1960s. "It's not hard to get noises out of them, but if you want the sound of just one instrument it's often cheaper and easier to book a musician." (P68)

A good word on the Roland MSQ700's instructions from keyboard chap Dave Stewart: "The manual's good, too; none of those awful, stoned Californian jokes (like the Drumulator) which is the last thing you want when you're in that mood of quiet desperation which drives you to consult the book." (P31)

The Good Advice Team from King Kurt tell us the most important thing to remember if your gear keeps giving you electric shocks. "Make sure your insurance is up to date." (P19)

"In dealing with cellulose, I'll begin with its disadvantages. To use, it's still fairly unpleasant — the hydrocarbons in the solvents are readily absorbed by inhalation and skin contact, causing a slowing of the brain cell. As a professional sniffer I don't quite see the attraction." Guitar-spraying with Rick Biddulph, who's evidently keen on the Dr Spliff job at your super soaraway One Two. (P16)

"I really enjoy singing. I never used to when I started, I never wanted to be a singer. But when Ian died I had to be; it just felt a bit odd. Expressing yourself in words is very personal whereas expressing yourself in music is abstract — it's personal as well, but it's an abstraction of what you feel. I quite like keeping things to myself. But when we were doing 'Temptation' I took some LSD and really enjoyed singing. I could see what a singer gets out of singing. Ever since then I've really enjoyed it." Barney of New Order finds a way round his non-vocal chords. (P46)

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One Two Testing - Jul 1984

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