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Article from Electronics & Music Maker, July 1984

Readers send in their own synth sounds and details of how to programme them. Among the instruments featured this month are the Moog Source, the Roland SH101 and the same manufacturer's Juno 106.

This is where the professional musicians retire into the background and E&MM readers get a chance to put a favourite synth sound of their own devising into print. If you've got a patch you'd like to share with readers, send it (preferably on an owner's manual patch chart including a blank one for artwork purposes) to: Patchwork, E&MM, (Contact Details).

MOOG SOURCE - 'Solo Source'

Darren Short-Pullman, Surrey

The Source, Moog's excellent monophonic and the first synth to feature an Incrementor and touch panel, is a welcome newcomer to Patchwork. Darren says his patch was inspired by the keyboard solo sound in 'Rock With You' by Michael Jackson. See if you agree...

(Click image for higher resolution version)

ROLAND SH101 - 'Synth Kit'

Bill Coopland, Sheffield

The quality of the tom sounds from this patch came as quite a surprise to us, and proved yet again the versatility of this inexpensive mono. The lower keys produce a reasonable bass drum thump while those higher up provide tom sounds that can be varied from low 'dull' toms (VCF ENV at 4) to high syn-drum effects (VCV ENV at 7).

(Click image for higher resolution version)

ROLAND JUNO 106 - 'Space Frontier'

Christer Lorichs, Sweden

Nice to see our overseas readers contributing to Patchwork. Christer submitted this 'slow-growing space synth' patch for the new Juno 106, and comments the keys should be struck in a random order, letting the sound grow slowly. He adds that it sounds better in stereo mode and that it's well worth experimenting with the LFO. For our part, we reckon it's bound to go where no synth patch has gone before...

(Click image for higher resolution version)

YAMAHA DX7 - 'Split-Keyboard'

Tony Wride, DX Owners' Club

In amongst the multitude of DX7 patches comes this one from the organiser of the DX Owners' Club - how could we resist it? Tony comments that 'by use of keyboard level scaling, two separate sounds are put at either end of the keyboard. Each sound has a two-octave range with the centre octave of the keyboard being the crossover area. It is also worth experimenting with different sounds'.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

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Electronics & Music Maker - Jul 1984


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