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On this month’s re:mix mixed-mode CD...

This month's CD deconstructed

About re:mix

re:mix combines normal CD audio with software readable in a computer’s CD-ROM drive. The software will not harm your CD player, but it will make an unpleasant sound so don’t bother playing it (unless you’re really into Test Department). It’s all stored in track 1. On the other hand, most modern CD-ROM drives can play CD audio, so computer users get the best of both worlds. And we thought of it first, so there!

And don't worry about file compatibility. Your CD-ROM drive, Mac or PC, will simply recognise compatible files and ignore the rest.

Track by Track

Software section

1 Sly Dunbar

Get the groove from Sly. For Mac and PC. these MIDI groove templates and song files were prepared as part of the DNA Beat Blocks Groove Construction Kit featuring Sly Dunbar. Listen to them on tracks 5 to 10; load them from here; and read our review of the CD/floppy kit on page 131.

- Pure Energy
Sample data from the Pure Energy software house, in WAV format and Gravis Patch format. Energy for power users on PC.

- Power Chords
A demo of the new performance program from Howling Dog Systems. 'Strum' with your mouse, use chord windows and graphic patterns to build entire song arrangements, and that's not the 'alf of it. PC only.

- Emagic MicroLogic
New sequencing software demonstrated for the PC. MicroLogic is a lean, slimmed-down version of Notator Logic, and what's more it's reviewed on page 67.

Audio section

2 Introduction

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Dan Goldstein...

3 The Beautiful People: 'Comin' To Get You'

Our exclusive mix of this track from The Beautiful People's debut album If 60s Were 90s is by Youth, and features samples of the one and only Jimi Hendrix. On page 118, the band explain how they got access to the Hendrix archives and what they did with the treasures they found there.

4 Lexicon Vortex

Demonstrating the new signal processor from industry leaders Lexicon. Hear delay, modulation, and the revolutionary 'morphing' from one effect to another. Meanwhile, purely by coincidence you understand, our review of the product is on page 72.

5-10 Sly Dunbar

Sample loops from the king of reggae drums. Help yourself. Groove templates from these samples are available on track 1 - if you've got a CD-ROM drive. The collection from which these examples are taken is reviewed on page 131.

11 Auto Union: 'Hungry Dog'

The first of our unsigned acts, reviewed in Rough Mix on page 165 but here speaking for themselves. Came in on DAT, goes out on CD. Phew.

12 Roland GR09

Roland's amazing new guitar synthesiser is played by Tim Slater of Guitarist magazine. Honestly, we're not cheating. It's all GR09 triggered by a normal Telecaster. No banjos within miles. None.

13-16 Visage: 'Fade To Grey'

Four versions of the New Romantic classic: the original, produced by Ultravox; an instrumental demo version by engineers Daryl Stickley and Tim Wedge; plus two remixes by Daryl and Tim which that very demo secured from Polydor. It was a hit, it's fascinating story, and it's a whole new kind of remix using digital and MIDI technology full advantage. Follow the audio chain on CD; read The Desktop Remix on page 92.

17-30 Classic Synths Plus

A mouthwatering dip into the sounds and textures of the world's great synthesisers, taken from a new sample CD on AMP Records. Full review on page 131.

31 Aquabats: 'Thundermental'

Read the review of this self-produced CD on page 165. Then listen to this. Or do it the other way round. Either way, now you know what we're on about.

32 Steinberg ReCycle!

Showcasing this new sample groove software for the Mac. Hear the effects of the program on a selection of audio sequences, then try to tell us that machines don't swing. We'll have you.

33 No Man: 'Simple'

Another exclusive mix to round things off, of a track from No Man's second album, Flowermouth. This, too, features a legendary guitarist: Robert Fripp is a guest on the album, and this particular mix brings out some choice Frippertronics. See page 12 for No Man's personal account of making the album.

34 Conclusion

The Editor signs off, immediately prior to innumerable Mediterranean liqueurs.

Our sincere thanks to The Beautiful People, Castle Communications, WCMR, Daryl Stickley, Tim Wedge, Polydor Records, Mark Jenkins, No Man, One Little Indian Records.

Theme and incidental music written and produced by Nigel Lord

Track 3 courtesy of Castle Communications
Tracks 13-16 courtesy of Polydor Records
Track 34 courtesr of One Little Indian Records

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The Mix - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


The Mix - Jul 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman

Re:Mix #1 Tracklisting:

2 Introduction
3 Comin' To Get You' (exclusive Youth mix)
4 Lexicon Vortex
5 Sly Dunbar loops - Funky Reggae 'Nipple'
6 Sly Dunbar loops - Funky Reggae 'Sponji'
7 Sly Dunbar loops - One Drop 'Work'
8 Sly Dunbar loops - Dance Hall
9 Sly Dunbar loops - Hip Hop
10 Sly Dunbar loops - Bhangra 'Dhuffly'
11 Auto Union: Hungry Dog
12 Roland GR09
13 Visage - 'Fade To Grey' - Original 1981 recording
14 Visage - 'Fade To Grey' - Daryl and Tim's unsolicited demo
15 Visage - 'Fade To Grey' - Seven-inch mix
16 Visage - 'Fade To Grey' - Ambient-style 'Subliminal' mix
17 Classic Synths Plus - 'Jarresync' (Elka Synthex)
18 Classic Synths Plus - 'Jarrewhoosh' (Elka Synthex)
19 Classic Synths Plus - 'Sync Lead' (ARP Odyssey)
20 Classic Synths Plus - 'Filter Wobbles' (ARP Odyssey)
21 Classic Synths Plus - 'Squarewave Mod' (EDP Wasp)
22 Classic Synths Plus - 'Sample & Hold Drone' (EDP Wasp)
23 Classic Synths Plus - 'Cosmic' (Roland Jupiter 4)
24 Classic Synths Plus - 'Wah Res Twang' (Minimoog)
25 Classic Synths Plus - 'Wah Sync Bass' (OSCar)
26 Classic Synths Plus - 'Acid Arpeggios' (OSCar)
27 Classic Synths Plus - 'Spacey Arpeggio' (OSCar)
28 Classic Synths Plus - 'Male Voice' (Roland VP330)
29 Classic Synths Plus - 'High Bubbling Drone' (Moog Sonic Six)
30 Classic Synths Plus - 'Klaus Schulze Epic RingMod Blasts' (Yamaha CS80) + Aquabats Intro
31 Aquabats: Thundermental
32 Steinberg ReCycle!
33 No Man: Simple
34 Conclusion

This disk has been archived in full and disk images and further downloads are available at - Re:Mix #1.


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